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UNLEASH the Warrior Inside of You

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About this course

Unleash the Warrior inside YOU!

Courage is the superhero power that gives you the strength to crush fear and succeed. I make my case in this course, ‘UNLEASH The Warrior Inside.‘  This is the education you didn’t get in school… the mindset and behaviors that bring command and success in life.  

This Course contains 28 Powerful and Easy To Understand Lessons which are organized in 5 Modules.  Each Module is devoted to mastering a key concept that is needed to take control of your life.  Each Module gives you the foundation, knowledge and tactics to prepare you for the next Module in your training.






You get specific, actionable guidance so that you can:

  • Put your Motivation and Confidence into High Gear
  • Discover your Purpose
  • Confront and overcome the Fears that hold you back
  • Visualize your success
  • Create Life and Success goals
  • Build a Tribe to support your efforts to create an AWESOME LIFE!

We’ve included everything you need to create a success minded warrior in this course.  With each lesson, you get your Warrior’s Guidebook with the success hacks, challenges, expert tips, resources and motivation to take you from wannabe to a Warrior that can’t be defeated!

Success is NOT an accident. Join us today and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE for SUCCESS!


Dave Trujillo – Founder 3rdNut Tribe

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Course Structure

6 Lessons

Module 1: Why Courage Matters

In our first Module, Why Courage Matters, we explore what makes humans special and why our success and happiness is defined by our Courage. We will begin learning the Knowledge, Mindset and Actions that are required for success in Module 1.

Let's spread courage around the globe and build the amazing life you want!


Dave Trujillo

Founder 3rdNut Tribe

Lesson 1: Why Courage?

Understanding Courage and its role in our success is the first step to embracing the behaviors that will make you legendary.  You Earn when you Learn. Learn how you can choose to overcome feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence simply by learning how to think about courage in a new way.  There is incredible power in knowledge, let's get some.


Lesson 2: Understanding Courage

Dig deep, learn it, know it, live it.  Getting an understanding of why courage is synonymous to being human is the first step to realizing your potential and power.


Lesson 3: The Power of Fear

Fear is paralyzing.  Fear is overwhelming.  Fear feels physical in weight and emotional debilitation.  It's how we face fear that determines our outcome.  You may be familiar with fight or flight - this is how you have been programmed to deal with fear. We learn behaviors and mimic others. 

It's time to re-program how you handle fear.   


Lesson 4: Courage Exercises

Reading is one thing but DOING is badass.  You've joined a tribe that integrates new learning to genuinely change how you command life.  Don't sit back and think it's coming to you.  You probably already know, that doesn't work.  

Take action and start controlling your life.  Do the exercise in this lesson and you are one step closer to change.


Lesson 5: Courage Key Takeaways

These are the core learnings from Courage Academy, Module 1.  Print these out so you can have the courage basics at your fingertips. It is continual practice that reinforces change. A physical print out will remind you to reinforce these skills you are learning.  


Lesson 6: Courage Matters Quiz

You're ready to show the Tribe that you've learned!  Knowing the material will make it easier in the moment to recall the skills you need and choices you need to make.

Share your results on Social Media and let your friends know you're dedicated to your success!

5 Lessons

Module 2: The Power of Belief

In Module 2, we’ll continue building on our knowledge from Module 1, learning how to start believing in our abilities as well as gaining confidence and Purpose.

Have the courage to reach out to others and build a tribe of like-minded friends to hold you accountable and to keep your spirits high. Start with the small things and work up to the big stuff if you want out to find out what your true capabilities are.

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Lesson 7: The Courage to Believe


It all starts with believing in YOU! Let's dive right into this thing warrior!

Lesson 8: Confidence and Purpose


Some people just seem to exude confidence.

It just seems to flow naturally, and we tend to pay attention to them, don’t we? Their stride embodies confidence and commands attention. We ask ourselves, “Who is that?” They must be someone important. How did they get that way? Were they really just born with that?

That is exactly what this lesson will explore - why do some people appear to have it all while others clearly don't. Learn what they know and become One of Us.

Lesson 9: The Power of Belief Exercises

You've come along way Warrior.  I am genuinely proud of you.  Continuing to learn new skills and master them is another way we stand out from the crowd as Original Tribe members.  We strive to continually pursue mastery of our passions.  We persevere - We are different and we're stoked to have you in our Tribe.

Lesson 10: Power of Belief Key Takeaways

The core concepts that you've learned in Module 2 will be found here. These are your notes that you can reference for refreshers and to remind yourself of the new skills you are Forging.  Learning new skills and honing them is not an easy task.  Not for anyone.  But since you are a member of the Original Tribe and with the proper guidance from the Courage Academy, you can learn how to work on yourself and command the life you want.  

Proud of you Warrior!

Lesson 11: Power of Belief Quiz

Test your Knowledge with this Power of Belief Quiz

5 Lessons

Module 3: Finding Your Purpose

Welcome to the third module of our Courage Academy. Let's explore Purpose and what that means to our lives.

Until the end of time, people will debate what it means to “find your purpose in life”. Some say you must follow your purpose, a millionaire businessman might tell you that’s a fool’s errand and only fools follow their passions. And so the argument goes…My personal opinion is laid out below. I believe purpose is in the eye of the beholder, that it’s something that you can either choose to seek or ignore. You’ll have to make your mind up for yourself, but I can tell you that if you embrace your interests and passions in life and find a way to earn a living by following them, you will be happy, and probably wealthy.

In order to do so, keep your motivation, ambition, and intention strong!

Please let me know how I can help you and how I can make this information more valuable and relevant to you by reaching out at dave@3rdnut.com. I want to hear from you!

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Lesson 12: Turning Courage Into Action

When you hear people say 'talk is cheap'... you may not realize just how powerful of a statement that is.  It is a bold challenge to every human.  It is the key to achievement, did you know that?  If you take your courage, combine with action and purpose.  You can become unstoppable.  Learn more here.

Lesson 13: Managing Risk to Ensure Success

Taking prudent risks is another aspect of Earning Yours and becoming successful.  The saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' is very true.  If you are only comfortable taking the safe path in life, then you're not likely to reach your full potential.  Life is a full-contact sport and you need to experience, try, fail and try again.  Isn't creating something new always risky?  

Lesson 14: Finding Your Purpose Exercises

These exercises were developed to start your conscious mind to think about why you do what you do. Are you in a career where you're likely to flourish because it naturally aligns with your guy?  Do these exercises, write down your results, put them in a safe place, then come back a few months later and try again.  

Lesson 15: Finding Your Purpose Key Takeaways

These key concepts will help bring focus and summary to a very complex subject and help you pass your quiz.

Lesson 16: Finding Your Purpose Quiz

It's time to test that knowledge retention warrior.

6 Lessons

Module 4: Visualization: The Incredible Power of Seeing Your Success

If you want it, you better be able to see and smell it…

Hello again, Courage Warrior, I see you.  

You’ve come this far, congratulations! Let’s keep going and make this happen.

Visualization is something I’ve done for years, but never really knew what it was or how to best utilize it. In this lesson, we’re going to explore what visualization is and why it’s important, and I’ll give you some exercises to help maximize its value to you and your mission.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please drop me a line at dave@3rdnut.com. I want to hear from you!

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Lesson 17: Visualization – What Exactly is it?

Visualization is the way humans 'see' their future before it happens.  But really, it is about seeing what could be, and then with enough courage, action and perseverance, you may realize that vision.  Sometimes you visualize in phases...reach one phase of your success, then have further visualizations of what could be beyond what you originally imagined.  Without visualization, you don't know where you're going no matter how much courage and energy you have.

Lesson 18: Visualization Explored

Without visualization, where you can see your success and your future well-being as if it were real, you are thrashing about in life.  Stop, come up with an image of where you want to be next, then watch how you start to see it come to life.

Lesson 19: Don’t Let Fear Kill Your Dream!

On your path to achievement, there are unlimited road stops that detour you towards your fears. Avoid them by sticking to your plan and surrounding yourself with people who believe and support you! Your dream must stay intact despite the naysayers.

Lesson 20: The Incredible Power of Visualization Exercises

These exercises are practical ways to start harnessing the power of your mind to influence your reality.  Read, learn and thrive.

Lesson 21: The Incredible Power of Visualization Key Takeaways

These key concepts are incredibly simple and at the same time, incredibly powerful.  Funny how life works that way.  

Lesson 22: The Incredible Power of Visualization Quiz

Show your legendary warrior prowess with this quiz. Share your outstanding results with your friends who could use some motivation!

6 Lessons

Module 5: Goals and Taking Action

Welcome back Warrior!

This is the final module within the EXTRACT phase of COURAGE ACADEMY.  I created this course for those who want more and seek more in life.  It's difficult to convince those who aren't ready to grow and change. You must have that fire within you to be ready.  As I have mentioned many times, the precursor and catalyst for success is a simple decision.  A decision that each of us has the power to make.  Do you want to take control of your life? 

Everyone comes to this decision at different phases of their life. This may be the time for you or perhaps not yet.  Maybe you've already decided and just need to get on with it. 

I have faith in each of you who is reading these words because it means you have courage and curiosity within you.  These traits will take you to your ultimate success if you believe it in your heart.  For that is where courage lies. 

Please reach out to me with your experience with this course and your suggestions and requests for more life affirming knowledge.  I will get back to you and appreciate your courage!


Look for the additional COURAGE ACADEMY courses of FORGE, HARDEN and SHARPEN to complete your training of building a strong warrior that can't be defeated.

I believe in you!  EARN YOURS TODAY


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Lesson 23: Goals Sweet Goals

Without Goals, we can't measure progress.  We can't do the intense pushing with focus that is required to bring something creative to life.  See the importance of setting and attaining goals will bring to your confidence, attitude and success.

Lesson 24: For FEAR Sake, Just Do Something

If you never start, you can never finish. If you never try, you cannot succeed.  If you let yourself be talked out of doing something, just ask yourself why that is so?  I bet it's related to fear...  Read on and feel the power of doing instead of talking.  There's a reason why they say 'talk is cheap'... it is very cheap. Only the doers ever get what they want.

Lesson 25: Failure

Failure and Success are flip sides of the coin. Much like Courage and Fear.  You can't succeed without some failure.  So get over your excuses and juvenile fears to try.  If you aren't failing, I guarantee you're not trying hard enough. 

Lesson 26: Goals and Taking Action Exercises

These exercises offer some concrete examples of goals you should be pursuing in your awesome life.  Get started now!

Lesson 27: Goals and Taking Action Key Takeaways

Study hard if you want to Earn Yours!

Lesson 28: Congratulations Warrior!


You did it! You got through the whole EXTRACT phase of the Courage Academy.  Congratulations!