EXTRACT The Warrior Inside

Why Courage Matters

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About this course

EXTRACT the warrior inside.

Of all human behaviors, courage is the most important one. Why? Because courage is the defining human attribute. It is what makes us unique on this planet. I make my case in this course, 'EXTRACT The Warrior Inside'  This is the real stuff, the stuff they don’t teach you in school... the mindset and behaviors that successful humans already possess.  

Here, you'll start on your path to becoming a more courageous, more ambitious, more successful human being.  I look forward to hearing your comments on each lesson.   

Based on the EXTRACT Program Phase of the 3rdNut Manifesto, you'll learn the basics of courage and prepare for the more advanced concepts that lie ahead in the subsequent Courage Academy Courses.  The concepts delivered in this course are the foundation upon which the rest of the academy is built. 

First we focus on the attitude, knowledge and the skills you need to make the most of our academy.   

Based on the iron forging process, we start by EXTRACTing your inner core of excellence, preparing yourself to go through the process that will transform you.   

Next you'll FORGE yourself through the fire of experience, completing challenges that get out of your comfort zone.   

Then, it is the HARDEN phase.  This phase builds the behaviors and rituals that cement your resolve to succeed, developing success habits that will last a lifetime.  

Finally, it's on to the SHARPEN course.  In the SHARPEN phase, you will learn to tap into your higher self, the warrior that can't be defeated.   Collaboration, Leadership, Giving Back...these are the traits that set you apart from the crowd and give you the high octane fuel you need to truly take your life to the next level.    

Let's Earn Ours together!

Dave Trujillo - Founder 3rdNut Tribe

Course Structure

6 Lessons

Why Courage Matters

Why does courage matter?  Why should I care?  I begin with a basic assertion: Taking control of your life requires courage.  From the smallest challenge of deciding what to wear, to making major life decisions,  we face choices that are deeply affected by our courage.  

Courage is a choice and only you can decide to choose.  Get the foundation for building a better life and accomplishing things YOU want to achieve by learning how to live a courageous life. 

Why Courage

Understanding Courage and its role in our success is the first step to embracing the behaviors that will make you legendary.  You Earn when you Learn.

Understanding Courage

Dig deep, learn it, know it, live it.  Getting an understanding of why courage is synonymous to being human is the first step to realizing your potential and power.

The Power of Fear

Fear is paralyzing.  Fear is overwhelming.  Fear feels physical in weight and emotional debilitation.  It's how we face fear that determines our outcome.  You may be familiar with fight or flight - this is how you have been programmed to deal with fear. We learn behaviors and mimic others. 

It's time to re-program how you handle fear.   

Courage Exercises

Reading is one thing and doing is another badass.  You've joined the Original Tribe of Warriors that implements new learning to genuinely change how you command life.  Don't sit back and think it's coming to you.  You probably already know, that doesn't work.  

Take action and start controlling your life.  Do the exercise in this lesson and you are one step closer to change.

Courage Key Takeaways

These are the core learnings from Courage Academy, module 1.  You may want to print these out so you can have the courage basics at the ready. It is continual practice that reinforces change. A physical print out will remind you to reinforce these skills you are learning.  

Courage Matters Quiz

You've taken the time to register for the course, take all of the lessons in this module, and now you're ready to show the Tribe that you've learned what you have studied.  Knowing the material will make it easier, in the moment to recall the skills you need and choices you need to make.

Show the Tribe what you know when you take the Courage Matters Quiz.

Share your results on Social Media and earn more points.

4 Lessons

The Power of Belief

Congratulations, Courage Warrior!

If you’re reading this, you’re proving that you have the ambition and courage to pursue your dreams!

This is the second part of a course meant to help you get the knowledge and motivation to become a better human with the courage to overcome and achieve. Let’s work on getting our head in the right place so we can put our new knowledge and ambition to work.

I want you to find the mindset you need to keep your motivation up. It takes constant vigilance and discipline to maintain that kick-ass attitude that enables you to keep pushing forward. When your courage is lagging, make a point to return to this course and find other motivating, positive content that will get you back on track.

Have the courage to reach out to others and build a tribe of like-minded friends to hold you accountable and to keep your spirits high. Start with the small things and work up to the big stuff if you want out to find out what your true capabilities are.

Please drop me a note at dave@3rdnut.com to let me know how I can make this course more meaningful and relevant to you.

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

The Courage to Believe


It all starts with believing in YOU! 

Let me ask you a question.

Do you believe that you have both the ability and the grit to accomplish meaningful things in your life?

Sometimes faith in yourself is the most difficult state of mind to achieve. There are so many forces pushing you back, centuries of conditioning meant to keep you from reaching your full potential, society telling you that you’re not worthy…they are all wrong.

If I could make you believe one thing, this would be it:

★   The opinions of others do NOT dictate what you can accomplish in your life.  

Confidence and Purpose


Some people just seem to exude confidence.

It just seems to flow naturally, and we tend to pay attention to them, don’t we? Their stride embodies confidence and commands attention. We ask ourselves, “Who is that?” They must be someone important. How did they get that way? Were they really just born with that?

That is exactly what this lesson will explore - why do some people appear to have it all while others clearly don't. Learn what they know and become One of Us.

The Power of Belief Exercises

You've come along way Warrior.  I am genuinely proud of you.  Continuing to learn new skills and master them is another way we stand out from the crowd as Original Tribe members.  We strive to continually pursue mastery of our passions.  We persevere - We are different and we're stoked to have you in our Tribe.

Power of Belief Key Takeaways

The core concepts that you have learned in module 2 can be found here. These are your notes that you can reference for refreshers and to remind yourself of the new skills you are forging.  Learning new skills and honing them is not an easy task.  Not for anyone.  But since you are a member of the Original Tribe and with the proper guidance from the Courage Academy, you can learn how to work on yourself and command the life you want.  

Proud of you Warrior!

4 Lessons

Finding Your Purpose

Hello again, fellow warrior!

Welcome to the third lesson of our Courage Academy.

Until the end of time, people will debate what it means to “find your purpose in life”. Some say you must follow your purpose, a millionaire businessman might tell you that’s a fool’s errand and only fools follow their passions. And so the argument goes…My personal opinion is laid out below. I believe purpose is in the eye of the beholder, that it’s something that you can either choose to seek or ignore. You’ll have to make your mind up for yourself, but I can tell you that if you embrace your interests and passions in life and find a way to earn a living by following them, you will be happy, and probably wealthy.

In order to do so, keep your motivation, ambition, and intention strong!

Please let me know how I can help you and how I can make this information more valuable and relevant to you by reaching out at dave@3rdnut.com. I want to hear from you!

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Turning Courage Into Action

When you hear people say 'talk is cheap'... you may not realize just how powerful of a statement that is.  It is a bold challenge to every human.  It is the key to achievement, did you know that?  If you take your courage, combine with action and purpose.  You can become unstoppable.  Learn more here.

Managing Risk to Ensure Success

Taking prudent risks is another aspect of Earning Yours and becoming successful.  The saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' is very true.  If you are only comfortable taking the safe path in life, then you're not likely to reach your full potential.  Life is a full-contact sport and you need to experience, try, fail and try again.  Isn't creating something new always risky?  

Finding Your Purpose Exercises

These exercises were developed to start your conscious mind to think about why you do what you do. Are you in a career where you're likely to flourish because it naturally aligns with your guy?  Do these exercises, write down your results, put them in a safe place, then come back a few months later and try again.  

Finding Your Purpose Key Takeaways

These key concepts will help bring focus and summary to a very complex subject and help you pass your quiz.

5 Lessons

Visualization: The Incredible Power of Seeing Your Success

If you want it, you better be able to see and smell it…

Hello again, Courage Warrior, I see you.  

You’ve come this far, congratulations! Let’s keep going and make this happen.

Visualization is something I’ve done for years, but never really knew what it was or how to best utilize it. In this lesson, we’re going to explore what visualization is and why it’s important, and I’ll give you some exercises to help maximize its value to you and your mission.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please drop me a line at dave@3rdnut.com. I want to hear from you!

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Visualization – What Exactly is it?

Visualization is the way humans 'see' their future before it happens.  But really, it is about seeing what could be, and then with enough courage, action and perseverance, you may realize that vision.  Sometimes you visualize in phases...reach one phase of your success, then have further visualizations of what could be beyond what you originally imagined.  Without visualization, you don't know where you're going no matter how much courage and energy you have.

WHY – Why is visualization important?

Without visualizations, where you can see your success and well-being as if it were real, you are thrashing about in life.  Stop, come up with an image of where you want to be next, then watch how you start to see it come to life.

Don’t Let Fear Win!

On your path to achievement, there are unlimited road stops that detour you towards your fears. Avoid them by sticking to your plan and surrounding yourself with people who believe and support you! 

The Incredible Power of Visualization Exercises

These exercises are practical ways to start harnessing the power of your mind to influence your reality.  Read, learn and thrive.

The Incredible Power of Visualization Key Takeaways

These key concepts are incredibly simple and at the same time, incredibly powerful.  Funny how life works that way.  

5 Lessons

Goals and Taking Action

Welcome back to the Courage Academy, Warrior!

This is the 5th module of a course I created to share with you some of the things I have learned in life. This knowledge has come from reading, experiencing, and meeting some incredibly smart, successful humans. Now is the time to start putting the concepts and ideas we’ve been discussing into practice. This is where the rubber meets the road!

And heads up, if you’re reading this, you have already shown that you have courage. Hurray! Keep it up! You have the courage to learn, and learning is the foundation of success and achievement.

Please drop me a note at dave@3rdnut.com to let me know how I can make this course more meaningful and relevant to you.

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder and CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Goals, Goals, Goals

Without Goals, we can't measure progress.  We can't do the intense pushing with focus that is required to bring something creative to life.  See the importance of setting and attaining goals will bring to your confidence, attitude and success.

Do Something

One of the most important tools in your success toolbox is goal-setting.

The vast majority of people don’t have specific goals, assuming they have any goals at all. Think about that. How will you be able to achieve anything important if you don’t ever make goals to get there? This is the stuff they don’t teach you in school, and that’s why you’re here.

Goal setting is critical to your success because it aligns your daily activities and thoughts with what you’re trying to achieve.

How do you know what to do every day if you aren’t working towards a milestone, without some way to measure whether you’re getting closer or not?

I’m not talking about goals like “Someday I want to be rich’”, or “I would love to have that new car, own my own house, take a dream vacation”, etc. These types of goals are often unrealistic if they aren’t paired with a plan and specific, smaller goals that will guide you toward your desired outcome. If you don’t set goals, you’re just letting life happen to you.

★ If you have specific, measurable goals, goals that you are actively thinking and acting on, your mind will automatically help you make decisions and actions that are consistent with your goal.

There’s a great book called The Science of Getting Rich, written over 100 years ago by a man named Wallace Wattles. The book is incredibly inexpensive to purchase, and an easy, short read too. It will help you understand the importance of setting goals and taking daily action to achieve them. Get it here.

FYI, reading is a critical behavior that you should budget time for every day. Gaining knowledge through reading is free, and yet so powerful that you must make it part of your everyday life. Learn from the failures and successes of others. They’ve shared it with you for free!

Let’s say you want to buy your own home someday, which, by the way, is a great way to build and protect wealth. If you don’t have a specific plan for getting a down payment, whether it’s through saving the money or through borrowing from a nice relative, how are you ever going to be able to get there? Unless you have specific goals set in place to achieve what you want, you will have trouble visualizing and achieving your success.

If you’re having trouble visualizing what your goals should look like, follow the SMART framework. Goals should be:






You can research this further online; just search “smart goals”.

★ Once you’ve established some intermediate goals that lead to your larger goal, you have the basics of a plan that you can actually execute. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you set specific goals.


Failure and Success are flip sides of the coin. Much like Courage and Fear.  You can't succeed without some failure.  So get over your excuses and juvenile fears to try.  If you aren't failing, I guarantee you're not trying hard enough. 

Goals and Taking Action Exercises

These exercises offer some concrete examples of goals you should be pursuing in your awesome life.  Get started now!

Goals and Taking Action Key Takeaways

You know what's next! Study hard if you want to Earn Yours!

5 Lessons

Never Give Up

Congratulations Warrior!

You’ve made it to the last module of the Courage Academy. Well done.

So, you’ve decided to commit to your development and success. You’ve decided to confront fear, take bold action, and set goals to create your own destiny. What now?

You’ll soon realize you will face a struggle to keep this decision going. You need a way to feed your ambition, nourish your soul, and maintain your commitment to doing the hard work to make progress until you reach your goals. Perseverance will become the key attribute you need in your life.  

I hope you finish this course with a fresh understanding of courage and a few new insights into yourself. I sincerely hope you find the extra motivation to work hard to achieve the life you want to live. The world needs you to reach your full potential so that we have a chance to evolve and succeed.

Please drop me a note at dave@3rdnut.com to let me know how I can make this course more meaningful and relevant to you.

I believe in you!


Dave Trujillo

Founder & CEO, 3rdNut Tribe

Perseverance: Separating The Winners From The Losers

We forget the names of those who gave up in the middle of the race.  Those that persevere to see it through become our Legends.  Where do you stand?

Find Your Tribe

Finding the right people to surround yourself with while you fight the good fight to make something of yourself, can make all the difference.  Seek out bold, ambitious people who are already busy working on their dreams too.  Help them and ask for help...as long as you're willing to prove that you will follow through, most people are willing to help you reach your dreams.

Never Give Up Exercises

These exercises will help you develop that toughness in life that you need to stay in the game even when you're hurt and down.  

Never Give Up Key Takeaways

These are the salient points that you need to put to memory.  Oh yeah, then there's the quiz, this will help with that too.

Congratulations Warrior!


You did it! You got through the whole EXTRACT phase of the Courage Academy.  Congratulations!