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But living with it is even harder...



Life is tough and it's not getting any easier. Sometimes it seems like you're the only one who isn't moving forward.  Everyone else is having the party and you're not invited.  Don't be fooled, it's an illusion. People are great at building up images of success that mask the reality of the daily struggle for acceptance, success and happiness that ALL humans face.  The question is not whether you have problems, the question is how will you deal with them? 

Sitting back and letting life happen to you is a very bad choice.  Problems pile up, time is wasted, you don't make the progress in life that brings happiness.  You never find out what you can do, how you can help others and make a real difference to the people you care about.

What's the solution?  Successful and happy people share an understanding that life is full of problems, but more importantly, it is full of opportunities.  Opportunities to learn, grow, try new things, make new friends and make more money.  Successful people CHOOSE to focus on the opportunities and treat the problems as something that is a normal part of life.  They CHOOSE to focus on the positives and minimize the problems by taking them head on, making decisions to solve them...moving on quickly.  I started the 3rdNut Tribe to give humans the inspiration to take control of their lives.  

Join us, get the knowledge, support and guidance to make your life truly legendary.


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Based on the Iron Forging process, you'll go through 4 stages of development starting with EXTRACT, to tap into your inner core of excellence.  Next, FORGE yourself through the fire of experience.  Then it's HARDEN, cementing your resolve for greatness.  Finally, SHARPEN your performance to a razor sharp edge.

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Here’s what the Tribe is saying about 3rdNut 

Our Tribe members are  family and here's what a few of them think about the Tribe, the Warrior's Path and 3rdNut Tribe's Mission.

Joey Rathjen

Snowboarder and Entrepreneur

'You've shown me how to apply myself the right way! '

Thank you so much for the opportunity to become part of this tribe. I've felt this fire my entire life, but YOU DAVE HAVE SHOWN ME HOW TO APPLY IT THE RIGHT WAY! 

Rian Kanouff

Dive Master & Extreme Sports

'This movement is what I'm all about! '

"Pushing through fear to see what I'm capable of is something I live by.  I want to find my limits and help others achieve along the way. The Warrior's Path is awesome!'

Nick Lybrand

Bullrider and Author

'I love being part of this tribe Dave'

"Your subconscious mind and self image are the keys to a limitless life! That's what I like about your company. Be fearless and full of faith in everything you do will manifest and your on that as well I can dig it"

Ancient Rituals that bring Achievement 

Our Four phase Warrior's Path has 4 Phases that will take you from Wannabe to Warrior!


Phase 1: EXTRACT

Extract your inner core of excellence.  In the first of our 4 stage program, you'll learn about AMBITION, DESIRE, INITIATIVE, PURPOSE AND PREPARATION.  You'll understand the role of courage in your life and how this knowledge will help you in every aspect of your life.  


Phase 2: FORGE

Forge yourself through the fire of experience.  You'll learn about ACCOUNTABILITY, COURAGE, HUMOR, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE and TOUGHNESS. It's time to put your knowledge into practice and start getting the bumps and bruises you need to really start crushing fear.


Phase 3: HARDEN

In the HARDEN phase, you'll start putting your knowledge and experience into rituals that reinforce your successful habits and propel you forward to the final phase of your development.  You'll learn about BOLDNESS, COMPETITIVENESS, CONFIDENCE, INGENUITY and PRIDE.


Phase 4: SHARPEN

You've figured out what you're made of, you've experienced and got some callouses on the way.  It's time to move to your higher self habits and to building a tribe that supports, guides and opens doors for you.  It's time to explore COLLABORATION, EMPOWERMENT, LEADERSHIP, LEGACY and VISION. Sharpen yourself to a razor sharp edge, then melt yourself down and start again to build an even tougher, smarter and more successful YOU!

Are you Moving Forward in Life?

Are you in Control and Achieving your Dreams?

You have what it takes within you to be whatever you want to be.

Sometimes we just need a guide and a helping hand to get on the right path.  Join us to find your path to success.  Courage Courage is contagious.  You're it, pass it on!

3rdNut Founder and CEO Dave Trujillo

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