Vision – Sharpen

See the Dream

Our Manifesto says…

What you’re pursuing isn’t on any map. A 3rdNutter doesn’t need one.  You have an inner compass called vision seared into your soul that charts your path.  Will you get lost, backtrack, and curse at the rock you passed six times already? Only if you’re doing things right.

This is going to take some outright audacity. Why? Because a vision is literally something you conjure up, a figment of your imagination. Just think about it. You’re trying to take something that doesn’t exist and make it appear. And it’s not like bringing a new human into the world. That’s definitely a 3rdNut worthy venture, but Mother Nature steps in to do most of the actual creation there. No, bringing a vision to life is an act of outright badassery.

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama


Since this is your brainchild, only you can say what it does or doesn’t look like. That’s also the tricky part: endless possibilities. Likewise, you and you alone are responsible for nurturing, growing, and sustaining this baby.  Whether it blossoms to life or never makes it out of the incubator in your head is entirely dependent on your actions. This is where a dash of intentionality and purpose come into play. Dedicate some serious time to thinking about what it is exactly that you want, and we do mean exactly. The more vivid your image, the better you’ll be able to navigate your way to achieving it.


This brings us to the next point: there is no map. That may leave you wondering why it’s even worth bothering to define the vision. The answer is simple: it’s impossible to get to a place if you don’t know which place you’re going. You won’t necessarily know exactly how to go about actualizing your vision, and will undoubtedly wander about lost on more than one occasion over the course of your journey. The upside is that, if you’ve invested the time to think through what you want, you’ll at least know when you’ve arrived at your destination. By defining what you want, you create a North Star that will help guide you to the right paths.


  • Take 5 minutes every day this week to build out your vision. Each day flesh it out a little more by answering one of these questions:
    • What are you reaching for?
    • What will your world look like when you reach it?
    • What will you look and feel like?
    • How will your goal impact people around you?
    • Who will be with you along the way? At the end?
    • How will you be different?
    • What new possibilities will open up for you?