Confidence – Harden

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Our Manifesto says…

Sound your horn loud, or not a damn soul is going to listen.  But if all you’re doing is yelling, Shut the hell up. A 3RDNutter’s noise comes from the roar of fires they’re lighting, The crash of walls they’re busting down, The hammers and saws of the future they’re building.’

Confidence. Just saying the word makes your shoulders pull toward center, head tilt up a notch, back straighten so you’re suddenly an inch taller. It’s the magic feather that, tucked beneath your cap, leads you inevitably toward accomplishment. Building confidence can seem like a chicken and egg conundrum – you gain it through achievement, but can’t achieve much without it. Let’s dig into some 3rdNut approaches to mining this natural resource – and don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around. Kind of like sunshine.

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” – Joe Namath


So perhaps the change you want to make in the world can’t be achieved in the space of an hour or an afternoon–or even a year. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have success while you’re working on the goal. Getting in the habit of feeling successful will give you booster shots of confidence. So how to get into this habit?

Shocking reveal moment: you can take charge of how often you succeed. It all depends on how you set up the rules of the game (a.k.a. your life). Instead of defining success in terms of single, large objectives, build in some confidence-boosting padding by making everyday actions part of your plan. Looking to bounce back from an injury? Each time you stretch is a win. Gunning for a new career? Every article you read in the new industry is its own micro-success. Get in the habit of setting yourself up to win on a regular basis, and confidence will be in never-ending supply.


When you think of a confident person, what do you picture? Odds are, you’re seeing someone healthy and well dressed who looks you in the eye when talking and smiles broadly. The secret is that these looks are part of the secret to their confidence. Yes, there’s a lot more to it than looks. All the same, if looking the part can give you even a fractional ego boost, why not take advantage? Any competitive edge is worth having in the quest to Earn Yours, especially when it’s as simple as a change of clothes.

What’s that you say? Your role model for confidence prefers mud-spattered performance gear to a power suit? Well then by all means, dress accordingly — far be it from us to say what form your version of a 3rdNut takes. Just make sure you give yourself credit for every streak of mud.



  • Take a Fine Toothed Comb and seek out places where you could build in success.
  • Take a picture or video of something you do this week that charges your confidence batteries and post it on your social pages.