Boldness – Forge

Risk It All

Our Manifesto says…

There are infinite paths to earning your 3rdNut, but not one has room for playing it safe. When your decisions have you breaking out in a cold sweat and losing sleep at night, you’re on the right track.’

Ah boldness. The stuff of heroes, visionaries, and, of course, 3rdNutters. As humans, we are largely risk averse. It’s a finely honed instinct that did well to keep our species alive back in the cave days when our tribe first formed. Yet without risk, there is fairly little to be gained. So how do we overcome this paradox? By tapping into our courage, acknowledging the risk, and forging ahead.

But hold up. Before you go racing off to bet your life savings on one roulette spin in Vegas, let’s sit down and have a fireside chat about what bold looks like in this tribe. 

“A person’s worth is no greater than their ambitions.”


Being bold is about going where no man or woman has gone before. If you’re Elon Musk or Richard Branson, that might be Mars. For someone else, it might be defying the norm in your family and getting a college degree, or moving to a new city to pursue the career you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t get caught up in comparing your bold act to anyone else – boldness is relative to the situation you’re in now and where you’re looking to get to.


In our tribe we applaud risk on one condition: that you use your brain so you don’t end up skydiving without a parachute. The risks you take should be meticulously cultivated, cautiously reviewed from all angles, and determined to be the best or only way forward. At least, that would be the case in an ideal world. The point is, the call to be bold is not an open invitation to be foolish or thoughtless. On the contrary, the more bold your move, the more carefully you should have prepared in advance.


Yes, you want to think things through, but don’t take that as an invitation to drag your feet or stall. You won’t ever be able to think of everything, so just do your due diligence and then get a move on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, no 3rdNut earned.


  • Consider where you are playing it safe instead of pushing the boundaries. Where could taking a risk to help you move forward?
  • Take the first step toward your bold move, and write it in your journal.  Post it to your social accounts and take a bow.