Perseverance – Forge

Don’t Stop. Ever.

Our Manifesto says…

What?  You think just because you’ve come this far you can sit down and enjoy the view from halfway up the mountain? OH HELL NO. The only vista that matters is the one from the top.  Keep on trucking.’  

The 3rdNut path is long, steep, and grueling. That’s where the overdrive gear of perseverance kicks in. But how do you tap into your reserves to squeeze out the final ounce of effort? And what about when that final ounce dries up? Now you’re in 3rdNut territory.

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” – Walter Elliot


When you need refueling, the richest reserves of crude asskicking oil spring directly from your ambition and desire. That’s why it’s so critical to ignite these early on in your 3rdNut pursuit, and to keep stoking that fire on a regular basis. Dig into why this goal matters so much, how it will change lives, how it will change you. All this builds motivation, allowing you to keep going even though the tank ran dry five miles back.


When the road ahead seems impassable or impossibly steep, stare right past that sheer cliff face that needs climbing and focus on what your world will look like when you’ve clawed your way to the top. Get specific–what shoes will you have on? Who will be standing by your side? What will the vista look like? Keep up this visualization as you inch your way up the cliff. It will help distract you from the strain your muscles and soul are under, and when you’ve created an image down to the last grain of sand beneath your shoe, you’ll look up and discover you’re just a bit closer to the top.


When setbacks happen, it can pack a pretty mean sucker punch, making it hard to continue on.  At these moments it might help to notice there is no “if” here; obstacles will damn sure crop up in your path. So you may as well embrace them for what they truly are-landmarks along your long trek. You’ll look back on these in awe at the end and discover that they prove just how badass you are.



  • Reflect on what you’ve done to persevere in the past.  Maybe it was one of the strategies we mentioned above, but there are dozens of other tools you might have in your belt. What was it that got you through when the going got tough?