Shoot Straight

Our Manifesto says…

It’s  not just about reaching your goal, it’s about how you get there.  Figure out what you stand for, and then make damn sure that each decision, action, and discussion broadcasts these values to the world.

You have a desperate, insatiable desire to get your goal.  But at what cost?  Among the more difficult challenges a 3rdNut tribe member faces is balancing the equation so that when you win, you’ve done it on your terms.

As we established when examining accountability, the buck stops with you, 3rdNutter.  So what are you going to do when push comes to shove and you have the opportunity to reach your objective at the cost of your values?  That’s where integrity comes into play.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley


What do you stand for? Fairness? Justice? Honor?  Just like writing down your goals, writing down your values will help guide your path, giving you a true north reading when you’re in the thick of the moral jungle. While you’re at it, create a version small enough to fit in your wallet so that you’ll have it with you at all times. Need inspiration? The 3rdNut Manifesto with its 21 Proofs is our version and (wouldn’t you know) it comes in a handy pocket size booklet.  Coincidence?  Hardly.


The path to your goal will likely be fraught with situations where you could run the risk of compromising your integrity.  With a handy pocket guide to refer to, you’ll be able to pit each decision against the pearly gates of your own personal values.  If an action brings you closer to your goal but goes off the chart of your moral compass, the 3rdNut in you requires you seek out a different road to victory.


If you’ve ever experienced the bumpy ride of a car whose tires aren’t aligned, then you’ll know that the faster you’re going, the more you get bounced around.  In your quest to Earn Yours, you’ll be clipping along at a breathless pace.  Being out of alignment could slow you down, or worse, send you careening off the cliff you’re attempting to summit.

Each and every time you open your pie hole is an opportunity to clearly communicate what you stand for to the world at large.  So now that you have your integrity blueprint, slow down here and again to check that what you are saying and how you are saying it reflect your values.  For instance, if compassion is a top priority, you’ll want to refrain from flipping the bird and yelling at that person who swooped in on the parking spot you’ve been waiting an hour for.  Remember that what you do when you’re alone is every bit as crucial to your integrity as what happens in public.


Create your pocket guide by writing down the values you hold dearest.

  • When you have a decision to make this week, bust out your guide and see how your choices measure up.