Initiative – Extract

Get Off Your Ass.

Our Manifesto says…

‘Not a damn thing changes until you peel your cheeks off the cushion and take action. Why are you still sitting? Get up. Make shit happen. Now.’

Ambition and desire are like kindling: critical if you want to get a blaze going, but really just lifeless wood until something comes along to ignite them.  That igniting spark is initiative.   

As a 3rdNut tribe member, initiative should course through your veins like blood itself, as consistent and undeniable as gravity, the sun rising, or Tom Cruise playing the self-assured hero.

“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.” – Victor Hugo

Become a Master Observer.

The first step toward mastering initiative is to establish a habit of noticing what needs to be done.  Take stock of what’s happening around you, with an eye toward how YOU can make a difference.  If you’re just getting the hang of this whole initiative thing, you might need to start with the basics: using the gym membership you signed up for but haven’t used, finally cleaning out that overflowing junk drawer, or calling a lonely grandparent you haven’t spoken to in months.  For those champion 3rdNutters looking to really flex their Schwarzenegger-size initiative muscles, look at the bigger picture.  What problem, large or small, do you see in your community? In your life?

Take Action.

Here’s a little excerpt from our COURAGE ACADEMY LESSON on Taking Action.

‘If you actually want to achieve something in your life, TAKING ACTION, is more important than an idea. It’s arguably the most critical behavior you need to demonstrate.  The only time progress is made, even if you have decided to commit to your success, even if you have the knowledge and the motivation, is when you get off your ass and actually DO something.  Until you’ve created your prototype, or actually gone to that meetup, run that race or started building something, nothing will happen.  Trust me.  Just start and the rest will start to fall into place.  Don’t talk yourself out of it with unsound excuses like ‘somebody’s already done it’ or ‘I don’t have what it takes,’ etc.  These are just pathetic excuses for not having the courage to try and fail.

Learn more on how to take control in COURAGE ACADEMY

Actions To Take This Week.

  • Every day, pick one thing, large or small that you can take initiative on.  You’re only competing against yourself here, so start at the edge of your own comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid of failing, you probably will.  But you will not give up, you will just keep trying and perfecting, asking for help until you reach your goal.
  • Take a picture of the thing that makes you proudest for the week, and post the picture on your social profile page.