Finding my groove again! Kicking my own ass.

Once we re-center our goals and realize what it is we’re trying to accomplish its time to focus on staying mentally strong towards that goal.

It’s definitely a challenge to keep in mind your purpose but it’s gonna be an even bigger challenge starving off the excuses. And they’re gonna come. But thats OKAY. The point isn’t to try and get rid of excuses and pretend they’re not there. The point is to be able to stop and recognize when you ARE making excuses and readjust your mindset so that you keep your mind on whats helping you move towards progress vs away.

Where I’m At:

Back at it! Just finished another podcast interview today. Trying to schedule another one next week. and keep that schedule consistent. Once I get 5-6 episodes edited and ready to publish I will officially release The A-Ha Moment Podcast! I will be sure to share the link as well as upcoming guests.

Action Steps:

  1. Next time you make an excuse, stop.
  2. Recognize the current emotion that is working against you
  3. Decide whether it moves you towards or away from your goals
  4. Shift your thinking so that you are in line with those goals