Pareto’s Principle states that 80% of the results will come from 20% of the efforts.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Let me give you a better example by using myself. Let’s say right now I launch my podcast and I want EVERYONE to listen to it (**FLASHING NEON LIGHTS** HOT GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! FREE FOOD! PARTY! *Insert other catchy lines*). Well,

  1. That’s not gonna happen (especially the girls)
  2.  I’ll be spinning my wheels catering to everyone else and not developing a brand cause the net is too wide

But what if instead I looked at my stats and (hypothetically) saw that most of my fan base was biker moms (side note: I think that qualifies me as being pretty bad ass right?). According to Pareto then, if I were to maximize my time, money, and capitalizing on my highest chance of success, It’d be most beneficial for me to focus 80% of my efforts on that 20% of my total demographic. Why?

That will have over time shown to become my niche. This is important when it comes to preparation!

If biker moms are my most consistent fan base (and I think you should know right now mom’s love me), wouldn’t it make sense logically to figure out how to put out more content to grow that particular fan base rather than trying to cater to the 80% rest of the crowd who comes and goes and isn’t as loyal or interactive? Yes.

Too often in when we are in PREP MODE, we plan and plan and plan to make the perfect layout so that everything goes EXACTLY how we pictured it in our minds (like my all black secret Ninja outfit in 6th grade. It was so perfect no one even witnessed it. Also, my ninja name was Kogosaki). While planning is amazing, we can’t wait till we’re 100% Sometimes…well most of the time, we need to start before we think we are ready. Just like in the biker mom case, I have no way of predicting who my niche fan base will be. I will discover what attracts listeners as I record and publish and see who comments. You have to be able to adapt your plan (see: my re-establishing PURPOSE post) because it will change as you go along. You might end up in a totally different space than when you started. JUST S T A R T! *And if that leads you to girls girls girls and free food, then please email me at and send an invite k thanks.*

Where I’m At:

As far as prep phase goes, I’m forming my tribe right now that is my focus. Mapping out ways to get more video content and people involved so that my tribe and projects grow. It won’t be a cake walk (but I’ll definitely eat some cake now that i’ve said it), it’ll probably change along the way, and I’ll adapt. But the goal is always kept in mind.

Action Steps:

For those entering this phase: TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT YOUR GOALS AND STRATEGY. Are you following your plan? What are you doing each day in smaller steps that helps you get closer to the bigger picture? How are you letting your tribe hold you accountable so you follow through with the plan? Are you too focused on over preparing that you are having trouble starting? What would it look like if you just got started NOW. Try it, you may be surprised with how it helps you out of a rut.


*I do not currently have much footage pertaining to my project right now to post alongside the blog, so instead I’ll incorporate the stuff I am working on in other aspects (CrossFit, Breakdance, Capoeira)