3rdNut advances human achievement, empowering individuals to move to the next level in any pursuit with the support of a tribe at their back.

Do you deserve a 3rdNut? Have you dug deep, kicked ass, made a difference? Do you want to? These are questions our tribe members ask themselves each day. But before we get to that, we want you to know what we’re about, why we’re here, and why you just might be one of us. It all starts with the legend.

The Legend

An ancient tribe once existed with special attributes that made them impervious to fear, unbeatable in battle, and greatly admired. Members were not born into the tribe, but continually earned their place through action. Cave drawings show these leaders, both men and women, adorned with a coveted badge of honor: the 3rdNut. Legend also says that descendants of this ancient tribe live among us today.

Our Mission

We are here to reunite this lost tribe and advance achievement of humans everywhere – to give leaders around the globe a space to unite, be empowered, and move to the next level in any pursuit with the support of a tribe at their back.

How can we do that, you ask? How do you trace bloodlines back to the ancients? We don’t need to. From the beginning, a 3rdNut had nothing to do with the DNA coursing through a person’s veins. It was a mental attribute, a way of approaching life. While that ancient tribe didn’t have a written language to record exactly how they earned theirs, we do know it was a tribe of leaders – and the fundamentals of true leadership remain consistent across time and culture. We call them our Proofs.

Your Proofs

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Or rather, where a 3rdNutters metal meets the forge fire. Proofs are the attitudes and behaviors you engage in daily to earn and keep your 3rdNut. As if crafting precious metals, you’ll Extract, Forge, Sharpen, and Harden your understanding of these Proofs. And just when they start to gleam, you’ll stoke the furnace, melt it all down into a stronger alloy, and start the process again to test, strengthen, and prove your mettle.

Take your first step in the 3rdNut tribe and sign up today, or take your first pass at joining by sharing your own story that demonstrates a Proof.