Rian Kanouff 

Professional Skydiver, World Record Holder and Motivational Speaker

Join Rian and Change the World

My Name is Rian and I Have a Story


My name is Rian Kanouff and I’m on a mission.  I’m a motivational speaker, a skydiving and wind tunnel coach and an extreme sports athlete from Omaha.

My mission is to raise awareness about the mental health crisis and suffering in our community. Our neighbors have been severely impacted by the lack of resources to meet the growing mental health demands over the past year as the pandemic has increased the feeling of isolation and impacts of depression among our community.  

Hopelessness and burnout has rapidly spread as the sense of community and commonality have been more and more difficult to achieve. Under the COVID-19 health crisis, with its encouraged separation and the need to safely disconnect from each other, so many in our community have been acutely, and often unexpectedly, struggling to cope and balance the change. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for men ages 20-44 according to the CDC.

I just recently recorded a world record 60 skydives in one day... all done in my birthday suit to help raise awareness for this terrible problem. Join me and let's save lives together.

Please contact me for media inquiries, speaking opportunities and to learn more about my mission.

Rian Kanouff

You Can Achieve Anything if you Believe

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