So you think you want to give this a try do you? Okay, silly little one…sure, we can play.

But first, let me tell you what you’re getting in to.

Step by perilous step you will pound out your lower self on to my pavement leaving remnants of what doesn’t serve you, or others, as tar stains to be the mile markers for growth.

I will murder your fear and kill any disillusions this will be easy. I will test your resolve and squeeze the hydration from your veins causing your muscles to ache with an exhaustion that will beg you to quit. The words to quit will taunt you and your ego will flare with cries and plea bargain like a court appointed attorney to let you off the hook. Certainly the devil made you do it. Well, I am THAT devil.

Did you think I would be easy and lay down my course with cushions for your tender little feet just so you could brag to your lazy friends of your accomplishment? Think again!  I’m not your friend. I’m your tyrant, the thing you hate to love. I will replace your weakness with a steadfast heart of passion buried so deep in your fragile heart, you’ll explode into the person you REALLY are…or I will kill you in your feeble attempts.

I laugh at your desire to drag me into your social media as if I exist for your pleasure. I assure you, there are thousands that approach with excitement my starting gate and will never experience the intensity of crossing my finish line to be counted.

Your friends will laugh because you collect coupons for shoe discounts and proudly display an intrinsically worthless piece of medal on your wall. Fuck them, they will never understand and you don’t want them to.

The challengers know the agony of defeat and the pain of victory. They accept their plight and break themselves on my laps, shaving off the baggage they have held on to and bravely accept a gift of leanness only the proud few will ever know. I will turn you into a passionate minimalist.

I am a Marathon.

Don’t even think about meeting me until you bring your inner warrior.

Be all in, or be all out, there is no in between. Prove to me your worthy of my course or get the fuck off.