Carpe Diem

You don’t have to stand on a desk to seize the day. But you do need to grab the day by the balls, point it in the direction you want to go, and squeeze until there’s nothing left.


People talk a lot about finding their purpose in life, but that grandiose theme –more akin to vision– is not what we’re here to hash out today. What we’re digging into is a bit more basic, the brass tacks of how you approach each day and what you get out of it. Though certainly essential to reaching the more lofty heights of self-fulfillment, 3rdNut Purpose is focused on the here and now. Think of it as the little cousin of Initiative: where one goes, the other is sure to be tagging along.


Ask any 3rdNut member and they’ll tell you that the hard part of reaching a goal isn’t setting it; it’s the day-in, day-out sometimes trudge of one foot in front of the other that (metaphor here). That journey of 1,000 miles only gets completed if you can get your ass in gear to do a mile a day.
So how do you cultivate this kind of purpose? And what keeps it going day after day?

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – JFK

Intention Is Your Ally.

Before you start your engines for the day, make sure you have a clear idea of what you’d like to get out of it. Taking a moment the night before can make it easier to hit the ground at a respectable pace when the wake up alarm buzzes. Need a day off? Bravo, take it…but just do it intentionally so you look back at the day with a sense of doing a kick ass job of taking it easy, instead of kicking yourself for wasting a day.

Forget About Everyone Else

No, we’re not saying to be selfish – 3rdNut is all about looking out for the greater good. But when it comes to setting your purpose for each day, the only measuring stick you can compare against is your very own.


Actions To Take This Week.
  • Spend a few minutes each night this week thinking about the day to follow, and write down ONE key purpose for the next day.
  • At the end of the day, write down whether you accomplished the purpose you set out with
  • At the end of the week, write up what you learned from this exercise and post it on your 3rdNut profile with a picture to go along that shares something about your experience.
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