Be Legendary

Legends aren’t born, they’re made. You have sweat pouring down, tears welling up, and scars from the rugged path crisscrossing your skin. But so what? You’ll make a bigger difference. You’ll leave a legacy behind.

If you’ve come this far in your 3rdNut journey, you’ve made some serious realizations about yourself and the world around you. You’ve dug deep, only to throw on a helmet and tunnel further.
This proof is about taking it to a level beyond where even your greatest admirers thought possible. It’s about transcending personal goals, and extending your heart, passion, sweat, and tears to the community around you. In some circles, these type of people are known as changemakers. In our tribe, we shoot for more than making changes in today’s world. We’re looking to the long game, where your grandkids’ grandkids still speak your name in reverent tones.

My legacy is that I stayed on course… from the beginning to the end, because I believed in something inside of me.” – Tina Turner

Realize Your Potential.

Business icon Jim Rohn asks, “How tall will a tree grow?” The answer, of course, is “as tall as it can.” His point? Humans are the only species that routinely do not achieve their maximum potential. Unlike everything else on the planet, we have the distinct privilege of choosing just how far we push ourselves to grow, how much we achieve.

Think Bigger.

Not everyone has the grit to be in the 3rdNut tribe, but you do. With greater ability comes greater responsibility. So what are you going to do to make the world that much better than it was before you showed up? What greater good can you work toward?


If you haven’t practiced looking beyond your own backyard, this question can seem daunting, which is just how we like it in this tribe. Start with thinking about where your passion lies: personal fitness, entrepreneurial success, the arts. Do you see any gaps that bother you? Spaces where you’ve thought a dozen times, “If only….”? This could be the path toward legacy that you follow.
No flames of inspiration sparking yet? Consider widespread problems, like homelessness or access to clean water. What has always bothered you on this larger scale? What can you do about it, starting now?

Keep Perspective.

Perhaps you have a few ideas about the industry, cause, or location where you want to leave an indelible mark, but none of your initial ideas seem that groundbreaking.  So what? Follow the seed of the idea and take the first step, however small.  Just as rivers don’t cut their path in one earth-shattering move, a legacy is the accumulation of countless small actions and untold late-night hours. The sooner you start, the deeper your legacy will run.

What are you waiting for? Start now.

Actions To Take This Week.
  • Spend Some time digging deep to figure out where you want to leave your mark on the world.

  • Already have that in place? Work on what steps you can take now.

  • post what you come up with on your 3rdNut profile.

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