Build A Tribe

So you thought you could get to the top alone? Yeah, that’s never going to happen. A true 3rdNutter knows you just can’t be good at everything. Gather a team, or forget the dream.

Ambitious, self-motivated leader that you are, there’s a chance you’re a lone wolf who’s gotten along solo up to this point. That’s all about to change. Wherever you’re going, you’ll get there faster with a tribe surrounding you. As we discussed a few weeks ago when we dug into ingenuity, getting a team together can save you time so you can focus more on what you need to do to Earn Yours. It also gives you a built in set of accountability partners, building a powerful synergy that propels that dream of yours forward. Here’s a few steps to take to bring your tribe together.

“The fun for me in collaboration is, one, working with other people just makes you smarter; that’s proven.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

Acknowledge Weakness.

You may be the toughest, most honored 3rdNut of them all, but let’s face it: no one is a badass in every single area of life. The best way to overcome weaknesses? Admit you have them. Then, once you’ve swallowed that truth serum, go about identifying exactly what they are.
There are legions of tests and books on the subject when it comes to personality–Meyers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, emotional intelligence tests–the list goes on and on. Because you’re brave, you can also ask your friends and family what they see to be your strongest points. By seeking out others whose characteristics complement your own and enlisting them in your tribe, you amplify the amount you’re able to achieve.

Mind the Gaps.

Beyond personality, there’s another piece of the puzzle that could do with some examination: skill set. If your dream is to construct houses for underprivileged communities, but you aren’t even quite certain how to hold a hammer, then you’re going to need to get some people on your side who can do the building. Pull out the plan you’ve written and think through where you’re going to need skill sets that you don’t have. Then set about securing the people to fill those gaps.

Unite a Cause.

One more way to grow your tribe is to seek out others who are already swimming the same direction in your stream. Find groups in your community or online that share the passion you’re pursuing, and tap into that vein. Of course, as a trailblazer, it may be that your stream doesn’t exist yet (which is why you’re knee deep with a shovel, digging it out). In that case, you’re just going to have to put the word out about what you’re doing.

Actions To Take This Week.
  • Choose one of the strategies outlined above to focus on this week, and have at it.
  • Post your results on your profile
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