Aim Impossibly High

The humble seed from which all greatness grows. Whatever you’re after, it begins here, with wanting, hungering, needing something more.

Plenty of people, in fact nearly everyone, have the seed. They want. Yet if you talk to the average person, you’ll find that the seed is just sitting there, shriveling up in the palm of their hand. Maybe they don’t know how or where to plant it. Or maybe they’re just scared of the change that would happen if they gave it a little nurturing to grow. This is what sets you apart, 3rdNutter – you know the simple secret to making that seed skyrocket is tucking it into the fertile soil of action. Plus, you’d never let a little thing like fear get between you and your dream. At least, not in the long run.

“A person’s worth is no greater than their ambitions.”

Running with Ambition.

Does that mean it’s easy for you to take action? Probably not. You’ve likely had to learn the hard way that ambition doesn’t pour unbidden from some mysterious wellspring. Like any fire, it’s something you have to actively feed. Now, since you’re reading this, you’re obviously a badass and probably have a cartload of brilliant strategies to keep ambition high (and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below)…but we’ll share a couple ideas here just in case.

Get Focused.

We all want a lot out of life, but trying to go after it all at the same time is draining and can erode ambition. Narrow in on a single pursuit that matters most to you, and then give it your undivided attention. This will free up mental and physical energy, meaning you can get to your goal faster.

Make a Plan.

Once you know what you want to focus on, there’s still the hurdle of what to do to get to your final destination….and there are so many roads you could take. Again, too many options are the enemy of ambition. Stay on track by sketching out what steps you will take to move the dream forward. Even if some of the steps wind up taking you slightly off course, it’s the movement that matters, and you’ll course correct along the way.

Find Support.

So we just said there will be missteps. It’s part of the process, and if you’re not careful it can eat away at the fragile little tree of ambition you’ve worked so hard to grow. That’s where a little support can come to the rescue. What’s that? You mean you don’t have to go it alone to be a true 3rdNutter? Quite the opposite. You need to be smart enough to use the resources at your disposal, and a voice of encouragement is one of the most critical. So find a person who believes in what you’re doing, and when the misstep happens, let them remind you of how far you’ve come, and why what you are doing is so awesome. And remember the 3rdNut tribe has got your back too.

Actions To Take This Week.
  • Make a list of what you want most in life. Then cross out everything but one item, the thing you want most RIGHT NOW.
  • Make the first pass at a plan–nothing perfect or frilly needed, even the back of a napkin stained from the meal you had while you worked will do. Just get the first steps you can take written down.
  • Post your list and plan (or a picture of them) to your 3rdNut profile, and share the story of what happened when you took even the first step of action.
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