When I first moved to LA, much like many others I had my eyes set on stardom. Comedy specifically. I was doing standup all over LA as well as going on auditions and taking improv classes. For me COMEDY was the END ALL BE ALL. I couldn’t see or be told any other way to the finish line. These were the ONLY steps I could take to achieve that goal. and also….I COULDN’T back down otherwise that would be embarrassing and hurt…my pride..

It wasn’t till I finally learned that REAL pride means being able not to let go of a dream or goal, but realize that may not be the exact path you need to take to reach your end destination. After all, there is more than one road to get from LA to NYC. Don’t be TOO proud to take a step back and try alternate routes.

Where I’m At:

Each week gets better and better! The A-Ha Moment Podcast continues to grow and more people have been asking questions and tuning in. I have even so far as gotten emails from strangers about potentially being on the show! My biggest thing will be filtering through these and making sure they stay true to the image I’m trying to convey for pursuing a lifestyle not chasing money. Some don’t seem to be following that mantra.

Now that I am having episodes published I am starting to look a little further and get people with bigger followings to generate even better results and subscribers. I have to figure out where exactly to find these people and how to set up my pitch. I’ll probably network within my friends as they all have extended branches they can lend out. My recording equipment I am finding it isn’t producing the loudest vocals for people to listen to. That has been the only negative feedback I have received. It isn’t BAD it just gets quiet sometimes even at max volume. I will continue to work on this. I think at some point sooner than expect, I may just have to shell out for better equipment. We shall see though as it’s not that I mind so much getting new equipment as it is resulting in the current equipment no longer being used. Who knows, maybe I can sell it.

Action Steps:

Never feel like you are too good to do something. I’ve had friends hold themselves back because they were afraid to take one step back even though it would lead to two steps forward. They saw any potential drawback as only that. Sometimes you need a gut check and to re think your priorities before moving forward. It’s easy to get lost in the clouds habitually following one method of madness even when it isn’t working. Find someone who isn’t afraid to keep your pride in check and call BS when you do get caught up.