I want you to meet a modern day Batman. A Super Hero. (watch video-it’s short only 1minute).

This is Ken, he’s 77 years young. Ken is a guy that makes sense out of saying age as being young. He sprints a steep steep hill 3 times for his workout. This he does 3 times a week; something magical in the number 3. Actually in numerology 3 stands for “completion”. Maybe the head man, Dave T, can talk to the ancient mystics and ask for it to represent “Perseverance”?

I was walking along the Hermosa Beach beach skyline ; ) and took a right heading for the hilly section of our walk. I was taking my two “furry” children for a walk. It is important they get their exercise as I am responsible for their 3rd Nut “Preparation” as well. As we took a right and are heading for the steepest hill in Hermosa Beach I see this figure walking to the bottom of the hill. Without hesitation he turns and vigorously pumping his arms and lifting his knees I watch this man going for it up this very steep incline. There is a cross street in the middle of this hill. I am curious, is he going to opt out at the mid level? I watch like a kid on Christmas morning. He KEEPS GOING!!

Right then and there I had to meet this man. I could tell his physical body had a few years on it. That is why I was so impressed. I needed to know his “why”?

I am a motivated person but what everyone might not understand is people are people. We need each other. At this point I am fresh off winning a Master’s National Track Championship (200m). I could sit back and pat myself on the back and live on my laurels. OR I can draw inspiration from a man like Ken. He’s not going for a Master’s Track National Championship. He is as pure as it gets. He’s doing it because he’s BATMAN. At 77 when you can stand in front of a camera and say honestly: “I do this 3 times a week every week….for my health.” He’s Batman in my mind.

This guy may not have a Nike contact under his belt, hell he may own Nike or part owner, we are in the Hermosa Beach area. He is doing this for something far more important than a medal. Medals fade and go away. Health of spirit and mindset is where it’s at. Ken models this. I need to see this. I am big on “seeing is believing”. I don’t care what you say you are going to do, I care about what you do.

I don’t know about you guys out there: there are days and I am 45 years young and there are days… and I am 45 years old.

What is it that gets guys like Ken out there sprinting a hill 3 times a week? Why did I jump on the inside when I saw Ken sprinting this hill? I saw and felt this man’s SPIRIT. His SPIRIT keeps him 77 years YOUNG. His SPIRIT keeps him motivated to sprint this hill. His SPIRIT creates his mindset that keep him moving and wanting to LIVE life.

This is why Ken is an inspiration to me. I hope he is the same for you.

Thank you,

Marcus Santi