I’m starting to think the 21 proof Manifesto is stalking me. It’s calling the shots before I even realize or am ready for it!

Still waiting for the ‘you will win a million dollars’ proof. I can’t wait for that week to come.

So I been outta the game for about 2-3 weeks. Mostly because I was on a trip out of the country so I couldn’t really continue interviewing people. But I been back about a week now and I’m feeling 10x more sluggish than right before I left. It doesn’t feel like its cause of the trip though. My morale overall has just completely stopped from an all time high to an all time low. That’s why the Perserverance proof this week is right on time. Cause I need some.

Pre-Trip I was booking people and scheduling meetings non stop. Post-Trip I’m like a couch potato. It’s like the logic side of my brain finally caught up to the dreamer…..and told him to stop….and lowered his expectations….and worse of all, is trying to get me to settle for less.

BUT I won’t let it. I’m writing this to reinvigorate my spirits and remember why I’m doing these interviews. This isn’t about me. It’s about sharing other peoples stories who deserve to be heard. It’s about other people listening to those stories and being motivated to take action in their own lives. That’s the reason I started this venture, and for that, I do not want to give up. I can’t let all those people down when my mission in life is to help them succeed. It’s not what I stand for.

Action Steps:

1. Get the ball rollin again. Feeling in a slump? Ask yourself what got you to start this mission in the first place.
2. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by taking big steps to get back into it. What is the SMALLEST progressive step you can implement right now to get back on track? Do that, and the rest will follow.
3. Keep grinding. The biggest outlook I’m trying in this slump is to change the mindset. you can either see this as your low point and a sign that you should give up because the road to achieve greatness was harder than you expected.


you can change your mindset and recognize that having your face in the mud is part of the process. That THIS specific moment right here, the lowest point, is the changing point from those who succeed and those who settled for less. Embrace this moment and realize years from now when you’re succeeding, it wasn’t the high’s that got you here, but it was deciding even at your LOWEST to somehow continue on because it’ll pay off in the end and separate you from being just another “story about a person who tried and didn’t make it”