A Legendary Guide to Achieving

Our 21 Proof Manifesto Awakens Your Inner Badass

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Tap into the vein of excellence running deep in your core.


Ceilings are for people who like the comfort of shelter. Forget that. The dreams of a 3rdNutter are too big to fit under a roof. If ... Read More


The only way to get mean is to get lean. Until you’ve starved every ounce of pudgy fat off your dreams, you’ll never have the drive to ... Read More


Not a damn thing changes until you peel your cheeks off the cushion and take action. Why are you still sitting? Get up. Make shit ... Read More


You don’t have to stand on a desk to seize the day. But you do need to grab the day by the balls, point it in the direction you want to Read More


You’re headed into the wilderness, and only an idiot walks out there without essential tools strapped to their belt. You’ve gotta be ... Read More


Immerse yourself in the fire of experience.


So you screwed up. Or you succeeded. Either way, there’s only one way to point the finger. If you’re not responsible, you’re the ... Read More


Before you even think about earning a 3rd, you’ve gotta get a pair. Being ballsy doesn’t mean you’re not scared; it means you go ... Read More


If you’re really after a 3rdNut, you’ll screw up royally, strike out so many times your arms ache from swinging, and look ridiculous to Read More


It’s not just about reaching your goal, it’s about how you get there. Figure out what you stand for, and then make damn sure that each ... Read More


What? You think just because you’ve come this far you can sit and enjoy the view from halfway up the mountain? Oh hell no. The only ... Read More


If it doesn’t hurt yet, if your eyes aren’t stinging with sweat and your feet aren’t blistered from blazing trails barefoot in the ... Read More


Cement your resolve to achieve greatness.


There are infinite paths to earning your 3rdNut, but not one has room for playing it safe. When your decisions have you breaking out in Read More


Second place doesn’t cut it, but hold it right there. No backhanded, snaky behavior is allowed in the 3rdNut tribe. You win the real ... Read More


Sound your horn loud, or not a damn soul is going to listen. But if all you’re doing is yelling, shut the hell up. A 3rdNutter’s noise ... Read More


Muscle and willpower only get you so far. At some point, you’ve got to tap into the superpowered hard drive sitting above your neck. Go Read More


No one earns their 3rd without some ugly action and the scars that follow. Wear yours like so many medals, knowing each one moves you ... Read More


Hone your performance to a razor-sharp edge.


So you thought you could get to the top alone? Yeah, that’s never going to happen. A true 3rdNutter knows you just can’t be good at ... Read More


Any numbnut can be selfish, but that’s not what this tribe is about. Give back just as much as you take, and earn yours by helping ... Read More


Spit on the smooth paved asphalt and strike out, machete in hand, to hack a trail no one has walked before. Choose the path of most ... Read More


Legends aren’t born, they’re made. You have sweat pouring down, tears welling up, and scars from the rugged path crisscrossing your ... Read More


What you’re pursuing isn’t on any map. A 3rdNutter doesn’t need one. You have an inner compass called vision seared into your soul that Read More