Take 2. Talk about lighting a fire under my ass. I wrote this entire post, and unfortunately forgot to save it and it didn’t post. It must really want me to earn that Initiative Proof.

We have been around for thousands of years. We have whats called the logical portion of our brain (prefrontal cortex) and the Labrador brain (limbic system). The Labrador brain is built for survival. It’s what got our species to survive this long. The problem is, it’s designed to help us overcome stress at whatever cost. Sounds good right? Until you learn it sees getting a new job, having kids, and oh I dunno being chased by a Sabertooth tiger as all the same stress. Not good.

This is why change is so hard. Even though our prefrontal cortex knows what we should be doing, its our Labrador brain that hates change. It senses stress, and wants to fight or flight it at all costs. We all have great ideas (i.e. The Pet Rock) but we tend to fail when it comes to the Mind:Action gap. Enter my life.

I’m falling behind. I set out on this Third Nut Tribe journey to post a proof a week over the next 21 weeks. I am now a week behind. The Mind:Action gap is strong with this one (cue Yoda I will). I am struggling big time. I knew this would be the hardest proof to earn but to see it broadcasted in this way makes it a little more real.

The reason I set out on this journey and joined the Third Nut Tribe was to document my journey (like MTV TRUE LIFE; I AM A THIRD NUT….. except not as bad….or wait am I as bad?) The most effective way to make a change is to make a BEHAVIOR change. Why? Because once I make the change to associate my mindset in line with Third Nut Tribe, I as a human am not going to want to go back on my promise. I made the catalyst decision to say I am a tribe member who earns his proofs, and is chasing what excites him. And am broadcasting it here for all to see.

But now I have fallen behind on my post. And now my podcast has fallen behind. And its trickling into other facets of my life. This is the part where Labrador brain goes “Well Joe, you’re already sucking a big bag of balls, might as well give up and go back to the way things were cause me likes that”. Speaking of Third nut, I wish I could kick the ol’ Labrador brain in the nuts for that. Except that would mean kicking myself in the nuts….and uhh as far as thats concerned, that is one stress avoidance I am more than willing to let Spike keep me safe from.

I refuse to let this happen. I set out on this journey and I intend to finish it. Not just for me. I want to set a tone, where every week I can earn my proof, speak honestly and vulnerably about it, and let others experience my journey. I want them to see it most definitely is not easy. I had huge downs, but I persevered.

I want them to see how I shifted my mindset, and what was going on through my head to get through these lows. I am hoping that after the 21 weeks, it will inspire people (cause cmon guys I’m awesome right? ..Guys?) to not be afraid and chase after what excites them. As a member of the tribe I want them to see what its like firsthand to go through the 21 proofs and how it helped my life personally. I want to provide a blueprint and tools available for anyone to use. No program fee or sales gimmick (although feel free to just send me aimless sums of money just cause. I wouldn’t mind. It’s about not saying no to life’s opportunities right?)

I want them to know they will in fact have low lows, but as evidenced by me they can use accountability to get back on track and continue kicking ass at life. That’s what I am going to do.

P.S. Because I am a week behind that means I got two posts to make this week. And you bet your ass I’m going full force on the podcast.