I was waiting in a checkout line at the grocery. Everyone was impatient, rude, and couldn’t care less about anyone around them. That’s LA for ya.

Everyone was in such a rush to find the SHORTEST line even if it was only ONE person less than the line next to them. It’s like they got so hell bent on just getting out of there and immediate gratification, that they stopped to think if they’re really in THAT much of a rush. I was ahead of a woman. It was my turn to go, and as I realized what was going on around me I said “you can go ahead of me”

she could not believe it. Legitimately speechless. Why? What I had done was nothing AMAZING. Just being kind. She even replied “Wait, what? are you sure? why are you letting me cut you?” I told her I was not a problem and I was in no rush. To that she said “Wow…um..thank you so much. It’s very rare someones willing to do that”

While that may not be a legacy story in the grand sense, I paid it forward. At least I’d like to think so. I performed an act of kindness to make someones life easier. I don’t expect anything in return. But I do hope she eventually paid it forward. Kindness can be contagious if we let it.

Where I’m At:

Was starting to cut it close! I went like 1-2 weeks without finding a guest. I had asked people but a lot just had scheduling conflicts / didn’t get back to me. Then out of no where I banked in two back to back today! Funny how life works isn’t it? They were both great interviews. Totally different backgrounds and stories and both super interesting.

BUT ughhhh… 22 min into recording my second guest the video cut out and I had no idea. Someone had called my phone (which i record video on) and I did not realize that turns off the video. SUPER upset about that. But I dunno, I can only push forward and see that as a test. In that interview we were talking about things not always gonna go your way and its how you view and interpret that moment that shapes how you move forward. So, I get 20 min to whine and complain but then its over. I have to move on. I have whats important which is the audio that I record through my laptop. So all is not lost.

Other than that, just continuing to book more guests or try to. I feel like guests I bring on are starting to have more and more recommendations as they get a feel for what I’m doing so I am interpreting that as a good sign of progress. My second interviewer also asked ME a question on the podcast about where I saw this in a year. He called me out not gonna lie. But I said a year from now my realistic goal is 300+ downloads, my moonshot goal is 1,000+ downloads. This should be an interesting read one year from now.

Action Steps:

How its your project coming along? Are you continually making small progressive steps towards your goal? Whats your metric and how are you keeping track of it? Is something holding you ¬†back and bugging you down? Try finding the silver lining and showing gratitude for what you DO have and how much worse it could be. That’ll put you in the right mind space. Then, Think about your legacy. How is your goal going to help people in the future? How does it benefit the community or other people? These are important questions if you want something that will not only be successful but will FULFILL you which is the absolute most important thing above all else. Living a life of fulfillment. Which I believe is made by focusing on 3 things

  1. Mastery of your craft. (continued mastery)
  2. Connection (Forming and extending relationships on all realms)
  3. Purpose (How does it serve the greater good)