We were 3 coach’s. We had a handful of clients ready to work out waiting for orders. It was a sunny day on the beach. We just launched a bootcamp.

and…no one….made…a move.

It’s like we all froze. We had planned weeks and weeks to launch this bootcamp and recruit people and talk about all the amazing workouts we did. When it came time for someone to take the reigns and lead the group, it was the one thing none of us even spoke about. Luckily I had done some strength coaching internships at UCLA and Pepperdine so my instincts kicked in which as the coaches there would say “START COACHING”. It was like a trained muscle and I went right into “Coach Mode” lining everyone up and getting them warmed up. Someone needs to be the leader. Someone has to take the initiative and speak up. Otherwise how do you expect your goals to get very far?

Where I’m At:

Time to get UNCOMFORTABLE. I have mentioned this already so clearly its something I’m not very secure about. I’m hitting that threshold where I need to start reaching out to individuals outside of my network. In other words, GET COMFORTABLE REACHING OUT TO PEOPLE IM NOT COMFORTABLE REACHING OUT TO!. Time to trust the process! They obviously won’t all say yes or even respond, but the point is to just throw out feelers and see who bites. After all that’s what my guest on this week’s podcast Tim Curran said. He sends 120 emails a day!!! I’m not even close!

So hopefully by next week I will have stepped my game up. I already fired out a bunch of feelers today to different companies and individuals outside of my reach. I will keep pinging them and hopefully come back with some good stats as to what it takes to get peoples attention / see what kinda weight my podcast currently brings me in terms of it attracting people when I tell them to test out an episode and see if it aligns.

Action Steps:

What is your goal?

What have you been doing to try to achieve that goal?

Ok….now whats one uncomfortable thing you KNOW you should be doing but have been putting off that can help you? GO DO IT