The scariest job interview of my life ended up being one of the most life’s changing experiences. I gave all the cliche answers we know our employer wants to hear to hire us. “You’re lying.” Is all the PRESIDENT of the company I was trying to so desperately and passionately work for was telling me. He didn’t buy any of my answers. I was both mad, confused, and ready to shit myself (although I think I already had).
“Here’s the thing. It doesn’t benefit ME and it doesn’t benefit YOU to clock in 8 hours every day to work here just to collect a paycheck. I do not want to hire you if our vision does not align” and then I finally opened up…..stopping giving the bullshit answers and told my true story which is what he wanted. The REAL Joe. Not how much I just “love the company” or generic “whatever you say boss” answers. I wanted to help people change their lives. I get an insane HIGH off of helping others reach their goals no matter what it is. My CORE value I realized at that moment is connecting with people and solving their problems. That’s what he wanted me to discover for myself.
I got the job. (And I’m happy to report my pants are clean now. Sans shit)
I really learned the importance of not just knowing what your values are but do you really UNDERSTAND what they are? I can honestly say up to that point I had no idea that was my biggest value. BRO I JUST LIKED WORKING OUT AND GETTING PEOPLE IN SHAPE. WHAT ARE VALUES BRUH MY VALUE IS GETTING SWOLE.
How we do the little things is how we do the bigger things. We need to stop checking off the expectations on someone else’s list to help US get ahead in life. That makes no sense. Sure short term, you may get what seems like a dream job cause you manipulated the game a little. But in the long run, you’ll never be happy living your life (remember most people spend more time at their jobs than at home) by someone else’s rules day in, and day out for 25+ years. You need to know you work somewhere cause they love the integrity you bring and you love the core values they share mutually. It’s only at that point you’ll have a life filled with purpose.
Where I’m At:
Making some big headway! I have 3 podcasts done (just need to add some intro and outros) and recorded and edited my FIRST “Day in the life” vlog on the 3rd guest. I am meeting with a 4th guest on Monday and gonna be recording a 4th podcast and second video with her. It should be SUPER exciting.
I’ve been sharing a first cut of the video and it’s really interesting seeing people’s feedback. A lot of little nuances I hadn’t picked up on that to me, make all the difference. Especially if we’re talking staying to my values. I realized I am not valuing my perspective within the videos enough. I’m going to incorporate that more with my next guest and get some personality and funkiness (is that a word?) on there

  • What are your values and how do you stick to them when pursuing goals?
  • Do you REALLY know the core that drives you?
  • Are you willing to say no to something that potentially advances your career if it doesnt align with your values? This is a tough fork in the road to face.
  •  What do you do when no one is watching? How do you behave?