I don’t trust a man who doesn’t have time to laugh.

It’s 12am. I had an anatomy test at 8am. I had rowing practice at 5am. I was studying cause I put everything to the last minute in college (didn’t we all?) and ready to sleep. *RING RING* My oh so party hardy friends call. They want me to party. Oh boy.

Challenged to Funnel two 40’s and being dared to drink a full bottle of captain morgans (Full disclosure: after the beers I got through about 2 shots and it all came up) later, I passed out. *RING RING* my alarm I somehow magically preemptively managed to set up before the shenanigans ensued goes off. It’s 4:30am. Ughhhhhhhhhh I’m still drunk and now after realizing the bad choices I have made I have to stumble to rowing on a boat in cold New England weather (It actually worked to my benefit cause it was FREEZING and still being drunk I felt pretty warm heheh), and..oh shit my TEST! Ughhhhhh

Lucky for me I ended up pulling through on the test and doing pretty well! This isn’t a call to action to drink, but instead an awareness lightbulb (is that a thing? I think i just made that up).

Think about some of the best times you’ve had. It wasn’t when We played it safe following routine. It’s the bad choices you made at 2am. It’s hanging with the goofball friends who made you try something you didn’t want to. That’s where great stories come from. It’s the hiccups and bumps along the way that either made us learn very important lessons (dont accept captain Morgan drinking challenges) or in retrospect made us laugh our ass off. We don’t sit back going “Mann remember college dudeeee. bro i studied the SHIT out of that history exam and i did so WELL. Went to bed 9pm got up extra early to iron my clothes for the test. I even had my usual PRE TEST BREAKFAST.”

Jesus, please….I hope no one does any of those things.

Just keep in mind whatever goal you have, take some time to enjoy the view. Go see your friends. Have a tasty dinner. Take a weekend trip. Dance like no ones watching. And then get back to work. You may just find the journey wasn’t so bad after all…

[Where I’m At]:

Things are ROLLIN along. I got two influencers (a physique competitor trying to go pro, and a dancer trying to book a tour) lined up to shoot and capture footage so that I can share their journey with the tribe and hopefully I’ll capture the humor in their story.  I may also have picked up some other projects to keep me sustained and fueling my goal.

[Actions Steps]:

Take stock of where you are currently at in your process. Take a breath. Shake your sillies out. And dance in place. Life’s too short to not be SILLY. Find your SILLY -NESS!!!