Life was getting stale. I was training clients at a place I was unfulfilled. I needed progress. Because to me, life without continual growth isn’t a life at all. It’s the opposite. It’s decay.

A new job opportunity came along. One that allowed for progress and growth. I met a whole new set of strangers who would become to be my coworkers and lifelong friends. Nothing like it had ever been done before. So much so that 3 months later, it unfortunately fell through.

I don’t believe in failure as something negative. That’s what Dr. Carol Dweck would call a Fixed Mindset dilemma. Failure is feedback. Like a scientist doing an experiment, when something goes wrong, remain objective. Figure out what went wrong, why, and what can be learned from it. That, is what I believe are the keys to succeeding in life.

This “failed” opportunity was a seed that needed to be planted. Strangers who indeed become friends. One of whom we found we had way more in common than we realized. About life, philosophy, the pursuit of happiness and conquering our fears. We also held a strong belief that you can always learn something new from every single person in this world if you simply asked the right questions. That’s what we have done with our lives. And that’s what we did with each other.

Thus, The A-Ha Moment was born. 

An idea. A Podcast perhaps? A medium through which we could interview people who are kicking ass at life pursuing what interests them. How did they do it? Why? We all have friends or family (possibly ourselves) that at some point bought into playing it safe. They let their dreams or ambitions slip away in favor of following a more traditional path. Because thats what their parents or friends told them they should do. Because its silly to follow what excites you. Because it’s unrealistic. And we believe it.

The ironic part is the people who love to shell out advice on what you shouldn’t do don’t really have the backstory to back it up do they? Better yet, might it be their own failure to go for their own interests be what drives the negativity? Possibly.

We’re here to change that. Through The A-Ha Moment my vision is to show people stuck in tradition that it IS in fact possible to do what excites you. That there ARE people who are going for it. And they DO in fact succeed. We want these people to see how they made it happen. How they persevered. What advice they’d give to anyone in their shoes. Relatable people battling the same inner demons holding us back.

And maybe…just maybe. Someone listening will be inspired enough to change the trajectory of their life forever.