My friend was 50 pounds heavier than he wanted to be. My background is in strength and conditioning as well as nutrition coaching. I had competed in bodybuilding competitions for 2 years. This WAS my field of expertise. I wanted to help as much as I could. And so I did.

By extending my hand out and lending my knowledge which was easy for me, I helped my friend drop 60+ pounds! Before then he was unable to break his plateau and could not figure out the next steps. He needed someone who had a better grasp of the process and for me that was no problem if it meant helping a friend in need.

We need to be extending our hand out more often to help those who struggle. It’s easy work for us but it can help someone more than you’ll know.

Where I’m At:

FEELING GUUUGOGOGOOOD (thats suppose to be “good”). This could be because I had a strong cup of KIMERA COFEE plus an energy drink. oops. I felt tired on my car ride home from guess what? ANOTHER GUEST RECORDING for The A-Ha Moment! WOOOO. went awesome. I even video taped it this taped it this time. Although upon looking at the footage right now shit….It shows me fine but her face is kinda cut off. I was too far on one side. Not sure what to do about that.

Anyways, I find myself either getting more creative or feeling the NEED to just do more as weeks pass by. I think I said this before. I’m horrible at getting started. You’ve all seen its taken me like 6 months to get this going. BUT once I get momentum I just want to keep doing MORE. So right now my mindset has been from posting two promo videos monday and friday to promote Wednesdays guest launch episode, I now want something to post every SINGLE day so people are dosed constantly with AHA MOMENT. The other days I’m thinking will just be actionable tips and quick pictures so people get a nice variety.

I’m also still trying to figure out how to get people to sign up for the newsletter. I think I just might be too early on that yet. Like I said….lots of caffeine, and too much “MORE MORE MORE” mindset. So I’ll have to see. This is what having really pragmatic friends are for. They bring back down to Earth and give me realistic approaches and make sure I don’t spread myself out too thin. I highly suggest everyone do this.

In fact I had no intention of posting this today. I was gonna put it off for tomorrow BUT IM SO WIREDDDD That I filmed the video and wrote this just cause. Anyways Peace out cub scout. RAWWR

Action Steps:

Who are you helping out? How is your goal not just in service of yourself but helping other people be better? Your journey will ultimately end in loneliness if all you’re thinking about is crossing the finish line alone. Find people who don’t share your strengths and help them out.