Think you’re tough enough for a 3rdNut?

To prove they belonged, ancient tribe members gathered around the fire to share their tales of valor… proof of what they did, not just what they said. We’ve codified the Proofs and given you a virtual campfire to share your stories.  There are no short cuts, no way to buy your way in. Earning a 3rdNut is about taking action, going against the grain, and pushing your limits.

Featuring Moninda Marube, 3rdNut Elite Ambassador

How Can You Earn Yours?

Everyone kicks ass in their own way. Our tribe helps you do it again and again. Here are a few ways to earn yours:

You’ve killed it, given back in a big way, had kick ass exploits. Inspire the tribe with how you did it and claim your reward. Sharing a story gives you special status in the tribe that everyone will notice.

This tribe is about a state of mind. Live our 21 Proofs that push you right up against the cliff edge of greatness–and makes you leap.

There’s no point being alone at the top. Share the site, be a mentor, and pass on your skills to build future tribe leaders. Join us, create your 3rdNut profile today and start building your tribe.

You’ve earned yours, there’s no need to keep it a secret. Let the tribe know you’re with them by wearing the gear that helps others Earn Theirs too. 3rdNut gives a portion of our profits to build the next generation of tribal leaders.