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Fueling Courage and Human Achievement

Moninda Marube

Professional Long Distance Runner & Elite 3rdNut Ambassador

“It is my belief that joy and misery are creations of the mind.  My goal in life is to work with children to help instill the values that will carry them through life”.

Moninda was born into poverty in Kenya.  Wanting a better life, he emigrated to America only to be caught up in a trafficking ring that targeted elite athletes.  Through courage and ambition, Moninda was able to escape his situation and find others who helped him take control of his running career.  Read about Moninda’s journey and support his movement to end human trafficking of athletes at

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“Being part of a tribe of achievers is a real motivator.”

Allison Chen

UX and Content Strategy

“Love the gear and I’m building a tribe of badasses too.”

Steve Beyatte

Freelance engineer and badass surfer

“I love a tribe that focuses on courage, perseverance and giving back”

Brad C Fite

Former Marine, Musician and Author.