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Brad C. Fite

Former Marine, Musician, Author & Elite 3rdNut Ambassador

“The things that I went through didn’t destroy me.  All of those things built me and they grew me stronger.  Find the courage to never quit.”

Brad C Fite is a former Marine who served in Afghanistan.  Through a series of tragic events resulting from an enemy landmine, Brad managed to survive, but his life spiraled out of control until he made the courageous decision to confront and overcome his demons.

Author of the best selling book ‘Life After Death,’ Brad tells a tale of survivor who didn’t just survive, but overcame his biggest challenges to thrive and help others live and achieve.

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“Being part of a tribe of achievers is a real motivator.””

Allison Chen

UX and Content Strategy

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“I love a tribe that focuses on courage, perseverance and giving back”

Brad C Fite

Former Marine, Musician and Author.