Guess what you and successful people have in common? You’re both afraid.

The difference is courage. Successful people thrive on the uncomfortable. You might say theyre comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s the only way to grow.

We tend to fear something because we are afraid we’re gonna fail or embarrass ourselves. But here’s the interesting thing about failure – think about the last two times you failed at something. How did it feel? Shitty am i right? (I’m having the shivers just thinking about it. That’s the last time I speak to a girl!)

Even though it felt shitty both times you still survived though am I also right? And….now that you think about it… failure felt pretty much the same shitty on a shitty scale of  1 (shitty) to 10 (shittiest of the shitty). Right again? So then if we know we’re bound to fail no matter what we do, and that it feels the same every time it happens, AND at the end of the day, we’re still alive and well……why not just go for it?

Where I’m At:

What scares me the most at this point in my 21 proof journey? Getting out of my normal, average, day to day routine to reach out and connect to new people and set up meetings. Why? I have no trouble talking to people, hell, I have no trouble wanting to meet new people! (Even if it is just the voices inside my head)

My Labrador brain just hates the idea that I’m breaking routine. I mean AB-SO-FUCKIN-LUTELY D R E A DDDDS it. All I gotta do is hit people up, schedule a hangout time, and go DO IT. And yet that stupid Labrador will stop at NOTHING to make sure I don’t follow through. It’s insane how something so primitive is holding me back from accomplishing so much in my life. Do you feel this way too about a particular venture in your life?

So NOW, to starve off that dumb idiot jerk Labrador Joe I have created a 3 part criteria to help me get one step closer to my goals –

1) Will it make my skills better?

2) Does it move me towards my goals?

3) Does it feel uncomfortable?

The only thing that can overpower my stubbornness is my even bigger need to find logic. With these 3 questions, I find the kind of logic I can’t argue back no matter how hard I try. If the fear you are facing makes you better at what you do, moves you towards what you want to do in life, and feels slightly uncomfortable…..then it’s EXACTLY what you need to be doing. There’s no reason NOT to. And when the only reason you can end up with is “boo hoo IM SCAREEDDD” well….it’s time to move on. No one got ahead in life playing it safe like everyone else.

Action Steps:

What is currently scaring you/holding you back from achieving your goals right now? After using my 3 question cheat sheet, let it sink in that what is scaring you is exactly what you need so long as your answers to all 3 questions are a YES. And they have to be a YES to ALL 3 or it probably isn’t that worth it.

In the words of Scar’s song in the Lion King – BE PREPARRRED! You might just level up in life.