I was irritable for 12 weeks. I was eating 1700 calories. Doing 1.5 hours of cardio a day plus workouts. I haven’t had water in over 12 hours except for tiny sips. I’m glycogen depleted. But mannnn do I feel confident.

It was my first bodybuilding show. Anyone thats ever had a friend compete or competed his/herself knows the insane process we have to go through to get “stage ready” – <5% body fat, looking dry, grainy, covered in tanner and posing in your banana hammock for judges.

People ask how I can go through the 12-24 weeks of diet prep and the year round focus on getting every meal in, and tracking my calories and workouts to the REP. CONFIDENCE. No one will understand it unless they try stepping on stage. Cause when you step on stage you realize that makes it all worth it.

To KNOW you brought the BEST possible physique you could have and the INSANE amount of time and detail to get ready for just this ONE DAY. Nothing compares. So I stand on that stage, confident. and proud. Knowing I worked my ASS off to get there and that I’m damn sure I’m gonna place first.

Where I’m At:

I HAVE LAUNCHED! The A-HA Moment Podcast has officially launched as of Wednesday, July 12!!! I am SOOOOO happy oh my god I cannot tel you. and as of right now (Thursday, July 13th, 2:30pm) its had over 60 downloads from the US to Canada to Denmark! I can’t believe that! I’ve had this project on the back burner for MONTHS and MONTHS. Anyone following my blogs has seen my process. you’ve SEEN my ups and downs whether Ive had WEEKS….PLURAL..WEEKS of being distracted, depressed, battling feeling like this is all a waste. But I stayed focused.

And honestly a large part is because of these proofs thats not lie. ACCOUNTABILITY. Knowing EVERY WEEK I promised myself even if ZERO people reads this (which is probably the case so this is more like a personal diary), I’m going to WRITE a post, PRACTICE that weeks proof, and make SURE I follow through on my promise. Because if you say you’re going to do something, you better see it to the end damn it.

I want this to be a major wake up call for anyone out there that’s in a slump, feeling behind, or worried everyones ahead of them. THERES TIME. you just have to WANT it.

Action Steps;

How bad do you want your goal right now? Like me you’ve definitely had setbacks. It’s all gonna come down to 2 things:

  1. Accountability – I have 3rdnut + a very small select few people. Who do you guys have making sure EVERY WEEK you’re checking in with them and giving them a PROGRESSIVE update? If you don’t have this then you’re asking to fail. You’re telling yourself you don’t want it bad enough
  2. BEHAVIOR – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it till the day I die. We are the type of person we want to be seen as. I STATED publicly that I am the type of person that wants to help inspire others to be successful, motivated, and allow love into their lives. Because I’ve OWNED that behavior I refuse to pull back on being that person. We’ve evolved to be strong on our word. If you’re not willing to label the type of person you want to be then you’re not willing to work hard.