I couldn’t breathe. I was panting. Ready to pass out on the floor.

I had just beaten my previous best by 30 seconds! and no one was there to witness it.

In Crossfit there are certain workouts that are used as the measurement of progress within the sport. “Fran” is one of the more popular workouts that people post their PR’s for. But I wasn’t doing it for notoriety. I was doing it for myself.

Being competitive is about your own progress. Don’t compare yourself to other people and see whose ahead of who. Worry about yourself. Are you doing better than the day before? How are you measuring your progress?

Where I’m At:

Scheduling people for interviews is somehow turning out harder than I expected. I’ve flopped three times so far trying to schedule my next guest before I launch. I’m taking it as a sign that I just need to launch with what I have and move on from there.

I’ve been passing the idea along to others to get an initial vibe of how they feel and so far the reception is good. My head is still kind of all over the place in terms of what direction I want to go, if its good enough, can I do better. Basically I’m nuts. But I am just trusting that once I launch it I will get the proper next steps I need to take.

Action Steps:

What are you doing to compete with yourself? Have you mapped out smaller goals each day that will equal to bigger ones overall?

Work on small skills or tasks that work you towards your goal not away from it. Don’t worry if you don’t see DRASTIC results off the get go. It takes times. Remember. small wins is what you want.