Every BIG move I’ve ever had was thanks to a collaboration.

Moving from NJ to Los Angeles. I had a mutual friend let me stay at his place.

Getting my first job here. My roommate recommended me.

Working at Quest Nutrition. My friend recommended me.

3rd Nut. Friend Recommendation.

Notice a pattern? All my successes are thanks to always working with and helping each other out. I didn’t beg for this help. I didn’t owe them anything for it. It was just a mutual interest of all parties involved to wanna support each other and see us grow to our best versions. That’s how life should be. Don’t spend it being an asshole or you’ll be stuck at the same dead end job 30 years later thinking the world is against you. No, you’re just an asshole who thought he was too good to help others. You can’t ultimately succeed in life if you don’t learn to collaborate and look out of other people.

Where I’m At:

Week 4 of the podcast! Things continuing to progress! I’m starting to feel more comfortable now on the mic and editing my episodes. I’m also starting to educate myself more on the backend stuff in terms of getting some solid stats so I can reach out to subscribers and figure out who they are to begin with. That’s one of the downsides right now is LibSyn and other media hosts, while they give you a lot of great stats, don’t give you what I feel are the most important (age, sex, subscribed or not) which would really help me reach out to those who consistently listen week in and week out.  So that’s one of the biggest things I’m trying to figure out.

Another thing I’m trying to work on is an intro song, as well as testing out different promo marketing ideas. I air every Wednesday and I know the weekend I tend to dip down on listeners so I try to release something Monday and Friday to keep people engaged and reminded about the podcast. So far its meh I’ll have to see if its really being effective or not. Again, this is where having a mailing list with dedicated fans already can help out a lot.

Other than that I think I didn’t book anyone this week but I’ve been in talks with 3 other potential guests to make up for it so I don’t consider that a drawback. If I take one step back I make sure to take at least 2 forward.

Action Steps:

If you are currently solo on your project what are your weakest areas? Can you find a friend or someone that can compliment that area?

Reach out to someone who can assist in a way that compliments what you are trying to do. Don’t think of it as giving up think of it as enhancing and being more efficient with your endeavor.