“Plenty of people, in fact nearly everyone, has the seed. They want. Yet if you talk to the average person, you’ll find that seed just sitting there, shriveling up in the palm of their hand. Maybe they don’t know how or where to plant it. Or maybe they’re just scared of the change that would happen if they gave it a little nurturing to grow.
This is what sets you apart, 3rdNutter – you know the simple secret to making that seed skyrocket is tucking it into the fertile soil of action. Plus, you’d never let a little thing like fear get between you and your dream…”

Most people have a fear of public speaking; not this guy. Apparently I do have fears that have allowed “stunted” my growth in this life. My video is a public speaking outing. A career I want to see take off if I can overcome the fear of what success in this area will do for me.

I have intense passion to win and be the best at whatever my mind chooses. I know passion in another; I can feel it. I can see it in your eyes. I believe in Vince Lombardi’s statement to his players “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” This is probably why I prepared and possibly over prepared to the point of wearing myself out at times. I feared failing. I feared not being enough when the moment comes knocking at my door.

As a collegiate track athlete there wasn’t a workout I wouldn’t do. I remember hearing of a guy who did 30x200m and he went on the win the 400m NCAA championships. Every 200 was below 30 seconds, that is sub 4 minute mile pace. Can you guess what workout I did the next week at the track? That’s right. Some were in 28″ but all were under 30″. That is 3 3/4 miles at sub 4′ pace. Walk a 200 for your recovery. I did this workout by myself because to be honest, I don’t think anyone was crazy enough to join me.

My logic; if I was so strong I would never fatigue. Therefore I would never see the coward in myself. At this point in my life I had seen to much of the coward in me. I hated that part of myself.

I let my dad treat me like a second hand citizen. In turn I let others around me do the same and soon I started to treat myself like a second hand citizen. “If I put myself down first and made it into a joke then no one could get to me and if they do, it won’t matter, I beat them to the punch.” Great logic?

I finally came alive. How? I started to build the blocks to let go of the fear and suppression that was crippling me. I will never forget the moment. My father was beating me with a weightlifting belt, buckle side; leather and metal hitting my body all over. I balled up my fist and I hit that son of a bitch.

He never hit me again after that moment.

I let him rob me of a lot of things in my teenage years. I think there is a passion that still resides within me. I get fired up when someone else is suppressing another, especially if they are bigger and stronger than the subject they are picking on.

I became ambitious, I possibly didn’t realize this ambition was residual left over fear and anger I had from my upbringing. No matter how many 200’s I did in a workout I couldn’t outrun this side of myself. This was my double edged sword.

What was driving me to my greatness in life was also killing me when the door of opportunity to the next level opened before me.

Wow, this got very real. This was not my intention from the onset. I wanted to come up with a witty way of way of telling you a story about how training a NFL All-Pro receiver who was at a pivotal point in his career. He hadn’t completed a season in 2 years due to injury. He played for an organization that lost the most games in the 90’s. In the Summer of ’99, he was the first NFL athlete I ever trained in my career.

He trusted me to get him back on track, literally and figuratively. His words as he hired me “defensive backs are catching me from behind and I don’t like it.” We worked all Summer.

As the Summer training was coming to a close and our last workout: I asked with great passion to show me, show himself, how much AMBITION he had within to lead his team to a Superbowl Championship on this 8th and final 200m run. Isaac ran a 25 second last 200m to finish off his workout. It was 100+ degrees outside.

We were two very ambitious men standing on a track who, like other 3rd Nutters, were helping each other achieve their dreams. We both were very good at what we did. We helped each other achieve a dream.

Six months after asking him to show how much he wanted to win, to lead his team to a Superbowl Championship this was the outcome.