It was a 50 foot drop into open water. I had family and friends watching me. On the outside I looked cool as a cucumber. but on the inside it’s as if that cucumber seemed to have shit itself. If cucumbers could do that.

I was at a cliff jump. There were three height choices and for reasons I can only sum up as overconfidence I decided to choose the tallest one. It didn’t seem so bad…..from afar.

I stood at the edge of this rickety ass wood plank that shook. I saw white caps and rough waters below me.

“Was this even deep enough?”

“Was this safe?”

“Who tested this out before me and how did they do?”

A million questions raced through my mind. I realized it wasn’t the JUMPING that scared me. It was jumping without having all my questions answered. It was trusting that if I could just commit to the jump, I’d land safely, not be hurt, and realize I just overcame another obstacle in my life. *sploosh* Off I went. and lo and behold. I was right. I am alive and a new man for having faced my fear and gone bold in the name of self growth (and now a freshly clean pair of boardshorts).

Boldness, as painful as this is to admit, is a hard one for me to achieve. It’s easy to take time strategizing and mapping the perfect plan out. It’s another to actually follow through and step into what scares you even if you might not be 100% ready.

Whether it’s overcoming a fear we’ve had, or taking that next step forward into our lives, we have to try our hardest to be bold. We can’t progress without it.


Where I’m At:

In the spirit of being bold I am forcing myself to keep pushing onward. Like I said I DO struggle with this immensely. I easily paralyze myself by details. I can’t expect to just summon boldness out of no where but I can work my hardest to improve upon summoning that energy.

My goal has been to get one guest to schedule a week for the podcast. I’m still waiting on scheduling someone for this week after a cancellation. Old resistant, non bold me REALLY wants to just call this week a bust and focus on next week. Learning to be Bold Me says cmon bro just get ONE person in how hard is that. Do you really wanna be the type of person this early on that falls behind on scheduling?

I get in my head a lot and tend to overwhelm myself with my to do list. I need to learn to have fun and be grateful for that list, and do everything I can to make it an adventure to go down the list.

Action Steps:

What does being bold mean?

Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it help you grow as a person? Does it take you to the next phase of your life?

Boldness encompasses all of those questions. It is a MUST attribute for any of us trying to achieve our goal.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect and all your questions to be answered like I had wished on my cliff jump. Definitely be CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS and make sure it moves you forward (not into a hospital), but don’t get caught up in waiting for the perfect time out of fear to fail. JUST START.