Earning Yours… what does that really mean? For me, it’s surely going to be different than for you. No two of us earn ours exactly the same way… and yes that’s a good thing. There are a lot of problems and great things to do in this world of ours.
Earning Yours is about squeezing out every bit of human potential that you have, while helping others around you to do the same.
While I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, (with a parachute of course… remind me tell you a great story about a fearless tribe that volunteered to jump without chutes in WWII,) I would definitely not consider myself extreme at anything physical.
For me, it’s about the mind. It’s about extreme knowledge and ambition…finding ways to push and motivate myself and help those around me get motivated to DO something important with their lives.
Since a single person’s network is somewhat limited, I created 3rdNut in order to empower others to build tribes and as a platform where all kinds of bad asses can come together to find like minds and then forge a tribe to go accomplish great things. While one person can do and inspire greatly, if you have a tribe at your back, the power is almost limitless. BUT it all starts with YOU!!! Get off your ass, get your shit together, find out what you want to do, stop talking about it, go do it, THEN build your tribe to amplify your effect. Enough said 
I wanted to share a story with you that is a small personal example of courage, perseverance and ambition. This short video inspires me every time… it’s a great story about getting kicked in the gut, but immediately getting up and kicking ass. Hope it inspires you. Please share your stories or just a note and pic, that will help inspire the tribe and get people Earning Theirs!

Chief Wingnut
Dave Trujillo
Founder and CEO 3rdnut

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