Announcing Strategic Investment and Manufacturing Partnership


Los Angeles, Ca., March 20th, 2019 // 3rdNut ( is excited to announce the formation of a strategic investment and product development partnership with Cherich LLC, a boutique apparel design, production, and apparel financing firm located in Pasadena California.   

This innovative partnership will provide 3rdNut with the working capital and production capability to bring 3rdNut’s considerable marketing capability and purpose driven mission to the world stage.  Combining Cherich’s extensive experience, capability and worldwide production partnerships, 3rdNut will have the resources to roll out its unique, powerful and innovative product mix to the lifestyle market.

Cheri Erlich, President of Cherich LLC, says ‘Cherich is thrilled to be partnering with 3rdNut’s compelling marketing team to bring this incredible, socially impactful brand to life.’  3rdNut CEO David Trujillo is equally to partner with Cherich LLC, which will create a strategic capability and create all the tools necessary to launch the 3rdNut brand on a global scale.

In exchange for an undisclosed equity stake in 3rdNut, Cherich LLC. will provide investment, financing and apparel production capability for the 3rdNut brand of products.


3rdNut is a lifestyle and publishing brand that challenges individuals to persevere, crush fear, and lead by example in everyday life.  The brand focuses on mind, body, and spirit to improve the way you face the simplest of challenges to achieving world champion status in anything. 

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