Own your excuses. We as humans, love to place the blame on everyone else. It’s NEVER our fault. What a load of crap.

Listen. Whether it truly is or isn’t your fault doesn’t even matter. The point to realize here, is to just own up to the failures in your life (listen if your wife says you didn’t put the toilet seat down, you didn’t man I’m sorry. Speaking of which brb). Spend more time focusing on what’s to be learned so that you can use that hard earned advice to take you to where you actually need to go. We can’t reach our goals if we are constantly blaming things outside of our control.

Think about video games (No don’t go play them. Okay just 5 minutes. Maybe 10 if you’re doing really well. But come right back). When we played Super Mario growing up we had to go through all levels to beat the game. If I died at level 3 I didn’t complain about which turtle caused me to die (it was the red one with wings), or how it was unfair (totally unfair, I calculated the jump perfectly. wait STOP IT JOE NO EXCUSES DAMN IT). HELLLL NAH. What did we do as kids? We attacked that shit with vigilance! Any time we died it lit a fire under our ass! “OK HOLD ON HOLD ON ONE MORE CHANCE LEMME TRY IT AGAIN I KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW”

We assessed and reassessed so well because living in failure wasn’t an option. It was the time before we were taught the horrible concept that “failure is a bad thing” (although when it came for me to try picking up girls, failure sure felt pretty bad). We wanted the end goal bad enough that we’d do whatever it took to beat the game. We need to re-adapt this accountability on ourselves back into adulthood. We lost in somewhere growing up when adults and parents started making us complacent and lowering our expectations.

Find your “-NESS“. The thing that makes you YOU. Different from everyone else. (I’m funny, very adaptable, and sometimes I like to talk to myself. See we’re all unique!)

Where I’m At:
Still a little overlap into last weeks Prep proof, I’m currently seeking out some bad ASS influencers who I think represent the 3rd Nut Tribe. I am on a mission to find people whose belief’s parallel the Manifesto, and bring them on board to share their story and inspire others. I’ve come across a list of a pretty varied interesting set of characters and I love them all.

It definitely hasn’t been easy. I have super productive days where I feel amazing and super procrastinating days where I feel like crap and like I’m wasting time. Thankfully I have such a great support team that’s helping keep me accountable towards getting my work done. I can’t stress enough the importance of forming a support group that rounds out your weaknesses. They’ll call you out when necessary, and cheer you on when you’re on track. No bullshit.

Action Steps:
Again, FIND YOUR “-NESS“. Be accountable to yourself.
1. Find out what 2-3 personality traits come together to make you YOU.
2. Apply that unique combination towards whatever goal you are pursuing. Are you bringing your “-NESS” to work? To your projects? Or are you not holding yourself accountable and playing it safe acting like everyone else. No one gets their dream job pretending to be like everyone else cause they’re scared.
3. Find a support group that’ll hold you accountable and round you out. What are your weaknesses? Who are the 2-3 friends/family/colleagues in your circles that have those as their strengths that you can bring into your world?
4. Try for one week not making excuses for anything. Own up to everything good or bad that happens and see how it changes your perspective once you realize you are in control of your life.