About 3rdNut

We’re a nation that fuels courage and human achievement by driving you

to become best version of yourself you can possibly be.  Here’s how we do it.

Talk is cheap. You need to #earnyour3rd
The Manifesto explains our nation’s values and guides our actions.  Gear up, then using the Manifesto as your compass, go forge your way into the battle against apathy and mediocrity, following your true passion.  Take your tribe along with you for the ride and share your epic journey with the rest of the tribe at 3rdNut.com to inspire and Earn Your tribal legacy.

An ancient tribe once existed with special attributes that made them impervious to fear, unbeatable in battle, and greatly admired. Members were not born into the tribe, but continually earned their place through action. Cave drawings show these leaders, both men and women, adorned with a coveted badge of the tribal 3rdNut. Legend also says that descendants of this ancient tribe live among us today.
We are here, looking to rebuild a lost tribe of like minds. Are you one of us? Are you ready to Earn Yours? Are you ready to use heat, mind, spirit, and hard work to achieve your tribal legacy? We’re here to cut through the bullshit of negativity, lethargy, and drama. We want to share the power of human achievement, we want to share with the world, you and your epic journey!

We fuel a 3rdNut Nation

We seek out and tell the stories of badass human beings who never stop pushing themselves.  Know someone who is kicking ass and deserves to be recognized? Tell them to join us on our mission to accelerate human achievement.

Thank you for joining us!!!

Dave Trujillo  –  Founder 3rdNut

#earnyour3rd today