Do you believe in challenging yourself, mind, body, and spirit 

to command life and control your own future?

Do you CRUSH FEAR? persevere with toughness?

We come from a Tribe of ancestors

that pushed the limits to build what we have today.

Legendary warriors came before us demanding better ways to command life -

These were Renegades of their time and so are we.

We believe that COURAGE is a choice and only you can choose.

It takes courage to make positive change in your life.

We are looking for the Renegades of our time… 

Are You One of US?



Join us.  We need you to help spread courage to all corners of the planet. We meet weekly to build leaders.  If you want to make a difference and you're tired of all the B.S., then this tribe is for you.

Apparel and Gear

The gear reminds you that you are a badass and helps fund our tribe.  Each purchase helps us reach more humans who can help us spread courage. Get the gear that tells the world you live with courage.


Free and Paid Knowledge Courses.  Take the Free WARRIOR's PATH,  access the Courage Academy with a free account or become a full member to participate in helping us spread courage! 

Ancient Rituals Bring Success

Follow our 21 Proof Tribe Guide to success. Four stages of development inspired by the Iron Forging Process

3rdNut develops content, challenges, events and our gear that all align with our Tribal guide.  Join us and get yours today.


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Dave Trujillo - Founder 3rdNut