“Yet there’s one universal foe that every 3rdNutter runs up against: time. The only way to vanquish this villain is to play by its rules. Do it well, and you might look up one day to find this archnemesis has become a staunch ally.”

I’m a rule breaker when it comes to sprinting. I am looking for the Fountain of Youth. I love speed. I love the feeling of running fast. I love what this feeling of speed feels like inside and outside my body. l love finding the sweet spot.

The sweet spot is that place of effortlessness yet perfection resides within this effortless effort.

I have recently teamed up with the man who invented the Bosu Ball, David Weck. If you don’t know what that is go to a gym, any gym, and look for a light blue half dome looking object. That is a Bosu Ball.

Along the way to meeting him, which I see as piece of the puzzle in my quest for the Fountain of Youth, I have also come across meditation guru’s, self healers, and people who are “rule breakers”. They defy the odds, defy gravity, defy the aging process or what we perceive as the aging process.

They say “up your nose with a rubber hose”, “Kiss my grits” to anyone and everyone who tries to tell them “this is the box you’re supposed to think in and live in.”

I’m 45 years old and yesterday in practice I ran a 40yd dash. It is just a standard mark that U.S. athletes determine their “speed identity” by. Why? We love American football here in the States and this has become the universal marker amongst us athletes here.

I ran a 4.6 yesterday and I know I will hit my goal of 4.5 by Summer’s end. Why? Because I am still getting stronger, faster, and smarter.

Why? Because of teammates like David Weck, Dave Trujillo, Lesli Akers, Coach Akers, Naser, Sunny and Big Chief, John Kassa, Mom, Aunt Dodie, and a host of others who have just been there giving of themselves.

The human​ body has an ear and it’s purpose to hear, the eyes are to see, the nose is to smell, the tongue is to taste and talk, and the brain is to think. Everyone has a part to play.

I might be the athlete in this story but many times I have been in the list of names that without me giving of my knowledge, knowhow, and support the athlete would have never accomplished their goal in life.

I have some big goals yet to be realized this Summer.