Desire. It used to have meaning. In today’s world of tech? It’s become trite and frivolous.

With all the social media “I WANT IT NOW” generations coming through (cue Veruca from Willy Wonka), words start losing their meaning. Show a teenagers favorite youtuber wearing a specific pair of Nikes? HE DESIRES THAT SHOE AND that SHOE ONLY. But do you really? (They actually were pretty sweet. Wait…stop it Joe focus)

It’s time to bring appreciation and respect back to the word. I know 3rd nut is doing it. And I want to do my part as well. So without further ado (I’ve always wanted to say that), lets dig into the 2nd Proof:

What does this mean to me?
To actually DESIRE something, for me personally, means I want that sucka so bad I can’t stop thinking about it. Don’t confuse it with little chiweenie Joe just got a toy car and he doesn’t know what to do with it ARF ARF! And next week its on to the next.

Desire is the thing you’d still be doing even if you weren’t getting paid. (REMEMBER THIS. WRITE IT DOWN. POST IT ON YOUR MIRROR.) That’s how into it you are.

Why is it important?
Because lets face it; If your desire is what you are going to turn into your passion and thus, potential career, you better be willing to work under those circumstances. Most businesses (particularly self run) ain’t gonna start paying you from the get go. And even when it does, what happens when it dips or fails? Do you give up? Or is the DESIRE so INGRAINED you’re still going to be doing it?

How will it make my life (or someone else’s life) better?
So my friend (and fellow 3rd Nutter)’s goal was to see how people live for that desire. I guess you could say our desire is to see what people DO with it once they have it. On all levels, from beginning stages, middle, to complete success (as defined by the individual).

We want to see what sparked it? How did they sustain it even when things looked like they weren’t getting any better? And the biggest one for me personally to find out, how did they go from IDEA to ACTION. Which in my opinion is the hardest for any of us due to our inherent subsconcious belief that we aren’t “good enough” to succeed doing something we desire (“I COULDA BEEN SOMEBODY…I COULDA BEEN A CONTENDA”)

By going around the US (and hopefully world one day), I wanna discover and interact and engulf myself in their energy (like a super evil Marvel Comics villain, except I’d use my absorbing powers for good.. I swear on the 5 infinity stones). I wanna experience firsthand how the desire drove them and continues to fuel them. And most importantly, why its important enough to them to take them this far.

And In return to my community, I want to provide all of this information to others like myself, who have great ideas and desires – but may not feel “good enough” to follow through. Who can also see and experience how others not so different from he or she broke the path of tradition to chase what they desired.

If I can change even one life, one mindset… chasing their desire….I will know I am on the right path.

-Joe out (cue 8 mile Road soundtrack)